If I get a new MC account, can my residence here be transferred that new account here?

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  1. I want to get a new Minecraft account. My mom signed me up the first time and gave my brother and I very similar names. So I want to get a new account with a different name. But I don't want to lose all the progress I have made here. So can you transfer my residence/rupees and all that stuff to my new Minecraft account? Thanks!
  2. Sorry, that is not an option at this time ;)

    You could send the rupees over though
  3. I believe we don't offer this service transferring rupees/residence via different accounts on a Emc.
  4. What you could do, I suppose ... is have a senior staff do something similar to the 'moving a residence on same server' feature ... but claim an open residence with your other account, and the residence moved to your other account's res...

    Only problem with this though - is verifying that the other account actually is yours... and yeah with rupees, you can always just pay your rupees to your new account by /rupees pay (name) (amount)
  5. and all teh flags for the res i guess
  6. They don't transfer between accounts (even alts)
  7. Davie did it for the smp4 project before... he world edited the wall, one person unclaimed the res... another person claimed it ... and he placed the wall back...
  8. Not all of the rules had been hashed out for this, at that point.
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