If I force claim a res, do I lose my current res?

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  1. Well, there's a derelict res next near my lot. (I'm not saying the res number, in case whoever reads this post goes for it) I want to claim it, but I don't know whether I will lose my current res. Help please? I will very much appreciate it.
  2. You need to unclaim your current residence before you can claim a new one. Or, go to empire.us/upgrade to buy Gold or Diamond Supporter, or try to buy a Max Res Voucher in game.
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  3. You can only claim a residence if you have another free res slot. Try /res cap to see how many slots you have. If you have 1/1 then you have all residences you can claim. To make your cap higher, you can purchase Max Res Vouchers from other players in-game or you can buy them on the site too (disregard this part that is crossed out, I was thinking of derelict protection). I recommend buying Gold or Diamond supporter if you want to raise your cap though. Gold will give you a cap of 2 and Diamond with a cap of 4. You can buy vouchers of these in-game that are redeemable or again with the Max Res Voucher, you can buy it on the site.
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  4. I would like to note that Max Res Vouchers are only purchasable via players in-game. They're no longer sold in the website shop
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  5. no. it won't let you claim it.

    simple answer^