If i become a Diamond Supporter what Servers should i put my res's on?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by zaccyboy23, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys zaccyboy23 here if i become a diamond supporter where do you think i should put my other 3 res's? On what server?? Please help! Thanks! :):D:p
  2. one on utopia, one on smp1, and a floating one for if you decided to change servers
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  3. Get a Utopia res. Don't get an smp7 res and instead go to the LLO. Get and smp1 or smp2 res.
  4. Well i im definitley putting 1 on Utopia
  5. I got 1 on SMP2 already... But what is LLO?
  6. Last Light Outpost
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  7. He's right: LLO is worth it. I went there look on the live map at how big it is. It's the thread 'smp7 wild outpost' I think.
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  8. 1 on Smp2 (The one you already have)
    1 on Utopia
    1 on Smp1
    1 on Smp1 (2 on smp1 :p)
  9. SMP9 would be good to put 1 res as a shop.
  10. Utopia, SMP1, SMP3. The only servers I go on are smp1 and 3 and sometimes 7 for the LLO.
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