Idiotic Ideas Needed

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  1. I need some ideas for YouTube videos, they can't be too crazy like me blowing up my house, but they can be like me trying to see if I can fly...

    I have a little channel called DemonicCroissants
    But... I need ideas, stupid ideas
    Here's some I had in mind -
    International farting
    How to lay an egg
    How frogs give birth
    Hotdog Man
    How I wake up

    If you would subscribe that would be epic! I'll put Teh link in a second
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  2. How you breath, how you walk, how you eat, how you play MC, how eat a banana :D.
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  3. How you live, how you eat, how you sleep, how you order stuff, how you play the violin, how you see the world :D.
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  4. 101 Fun ways to peel a banana!
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  5. 69 ways to make a really bad joke
  6. Way number uno. Two guys walk into a bar, THE END!
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  7. 14 ways to kiss someone with a banana peel on their mouth
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  8. Okay nobody is going to top that...
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  9. 7 ways to break your arm

    number 1: slip on a banana peel
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  10. how to make waffles from pancakes and then how to eat said waffles with syrup, a knife and fork.
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  11. Did someone say "Idiotic Ideas"?
  12. How to make out with someone with a banana on their mouth while simultaneously riding a pink river dolphin through the sky.
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  13. Not weird enough. How to miss a football and look weird while watching it fly by.
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  14. how to write a hit seller
    (69 shades of grey)
    (or the 2a2a2a shade of grey)
  15. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck.... Yeah you get the idea,.:p
  16. How I grow my watermelons. (On sand, 100 feet in the air while villagers circle the farm ridding minecrarts as lava flows all around it)
  17. 15 ways to cook bacon!
    How to make snow.
  18. How I live a day,

    A 24 hour video full of how you do everything in the most inefficient ways possible.
  19. The most inefficient way of doing something is to not do it at all, no?
    And technically, you would be doing the act of doing things inefficiently in an efficient manner.
  20. The amount of silliness on this thread is actually unreal e.e
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