Identity of MasteredMaple (username)

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  1. Hello EMC,
    Today i want to know the Identity of a man on youtube called MasteredMaple. I want to know because he is mean to me and luckily TechFilmer stood up for me.
    I want to know because i want to ignore him if hes being mean.
    I don't want to ignore a random person do I?

  2. Well, you need to speak with the Community Managers if you are being bullied.
  3. Well it was at youtube kk? plus i dont know identity
  4. I don't think he is from the server, likely just someone who happened upon one of your videos and decided to troll. I would just ignore it and delete the comment (if you can, I have never uploaded to YouTube).
  5. He said "Have you ever heard of town chat" Thats my proof
  6. Sorry he was mean to you. This almost always happens on Youtube, I would just ignore it, and delete the comment if possible.
  7. Emc staff has no power & no jurisdiction outside of Emc forums or Emc Servers but we can give advice. My advice would be if you can block the person from viewing your channels videos if possible other than that that's all we can do. Also if we did have that username in are database we don't know if its the same person.
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  8. Ahhh I see, I was looking at a different video of yours that he commented on. Just ignore him and feel good that you have enough talent to get a reaction out of him. :p
  9. I remember when I had a small Youtube channel with very few Subs. I had few comments, and more than half of them were unnecessary, mean and hateful.
  10. Also, there is a great chance that nobody on the Empire will know who MasteredApple is and the actual person will most likely not confess for obvious reasons.
  11. He doesnt even have videos
  12. Sorry this person upset you. As a friend once told me, try not to give mean people free rent space in your head (hope that makes sense).
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  13. Best thing you can do is just remove the comment if it's something you'd rather not have it there, and channel ban them. Here's how:

    But at the end of the day, YouTube comments are pretty dire no matter how hard you try to keep them decent.