iDemon Drop Party! Smp2!

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Will you be coming?

Yes, I really want to come to this! 14 vote(s) 77.8%
No, I cant come to this 1 vote(s) 5.6%
Sadly I cant come. But I would really want to come if I could! 3 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. iDemon Drop Party!

    Hello everyone. I am going to start iDemon off with a Drop Party! It will be big an awesome! It will take place Friday
    at 5 Pm EST. (If that time is bad I can change it)
    I will be dropping tons and tons of stuff. From A Labor Bench 2013 to books that you can redeem to me for rupees! (500r, 1,000r, ect) I will try to add as much as I can. The Party will be at 3660 Smp2. I will take away enderpearl flag because, well, you know why :). If you would like to Donate to this, you can bring items to 3660 and if you go down the stairs and follow the path there is hoppers and chests. So yeah, Thanks everyone :)

    The place where I will be dropping stuff. (The way up will be closed so no one can block glitch up.
    What I have so far
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  2. can't wait. I will be coming!
  3. I also will be recording the Drop Party for EMC Lets Play #7
  4. 5 Pm EST is a good time for me as it will be 10 Pm my time. Hopefully I am not busy that day... May see you there!
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  5. Added more Items
    (Valens, Diamond blocks, ect)
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  6. 5pm is the same time as the iHaro drop party. :U
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  7. 030... Won't make it... I have to be at the iHaro party
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  8. Oh wait. Is this the same day and time as iHaros's?
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  9. Yep.
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  10. Date moved to the next day due to it being the same day as iHaro Drop Party.
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  11. What is this iHaro and iDemon?
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  12. You should make iSky. It sounds cool. :p
  13. iDemon.
    Screenshot (4).png
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  14. If possible could you move it 1 hour forward? And what day is it now since it is moved? :)
  15. It is friday at 10 Pm my and your time :)
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  16. If someone could explain why we're putting the letter I in front of things now, yeah that'd be great.
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  17. Guess what. Tomorrow is also my 1 year on EMC as well as the day of the DP
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  18. Bump of demons. Let's we if we can get lots of people. iHaros had 70 people on
  19. I will be coming.