iDemon 3600 Casino

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  1. Hello! So who here likes casinos? Well I hope you do because one is coming to 3600! There will be loads and loads of games for you to play and it will be epic. I wonder if any of you remembre that old awesome casino back a long time ago? Well anyways yeah. It will be on Smp2 res 3600. It will take up the whole entire res. And its going to be tall. I need some help though. I am looking for 1 person who is good with Redstone and building stuff for Casinos to help. You will get half the money we earn. Also Donations help. We need the following.
    Blue stained glass
    Laptis Blocks
    Stone slabs
    Redstone stuff

    I hope you all will enjoy this Casino!
  2. iConfused

    Edit: iCurious

    Edit2: iInterested
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  3. Thank you samiwarbler for donating all that Laptis!
  4. Just curious what is with the i infront of the company name? and isnt ur company almost copying Haro's?:confused:
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  5. I have thought about the i before demon and doing something about it for a looooong time. I just saw that Haro had started doing iHaro so I decided why not I do my iDemon that I have been planning for a while. I did a big Drop Party that started iDemon (and it was also my 365th emc day). I have been wanting to build a Casino for a while and now that iDemon Started I just said why not and went ahead. There is no rule against me making a casino
  6. I know there is no rule about making a casino i just thought it seems alot like haros's company. :p
  7. Also if some of you were wondering. This has nothing to do with SSRC.
    I am in SSRC but that does not mean anything I make/do is apart of it.
  8. More like iCopiedHaro

    jkjk <3
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  9. Has anyone thought about iEclipsys?
  10. I thought of a cool pattern for the floor and I have the whole design of the building in my head.
  11. I'm not the best with aesthetics,but I'm good with redstone.
    This sounds interesting.
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  12. Bump. Made 2 huge trips to the nether. Got lots of Donations. Ideas from people. And lots more. Never knew spelling out iDemon is diamond blocks was so expensive