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  1. So, I have been writing a book, that I just recently scraped. I have this base Idea:

    A girl that travels through time
    • Age: Between 13-15
    • Name: ?
    • Location: ?
    And her male friend

    • Age: Whatever the girl's is
    • Name: Jason
    • Location: ?
    And a butler that meets them at whatever time they end up at:

    • Age: 42
    • Name: Branton
    • Location: Everywhere, but born in London
    So, anything with a ? you guys can suggest, and also these:

    • Title of the book
    • First traveling spot
    • How they travel
    • The home situation
    Now, I realize, this is MY book, but I just need suggestions to build off of.
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  2. I don't mean to impose on your story too much, but here are some initial thoughts I had! Enjoy—

    Title of the book: In my experience, the title of the book is something that gradually develops while developing the work, and not something that you have to weigh yourself down with. When writing a story, you want to be able to take your story anywhere, without having to confine and attach your words to something pre-set. Eventually, I believe you will come to those words that stand out, ones that you know will be the one.

    How they travel + age: Since you are having two main characters that are likely to be of the same age, it would be interesting to see them rely upon each other. If you have a wealthy girl who can time travel and her butler, the boy just seems like dead weight. Since the children are only around the age of fourteen, adding a bit of a romantic plot seems a little awkward, as the ages likely will not fit with the maturity levels of their age. In my opinion, if the two protagonists were between the ages of 16-18, they'd better fit within the confines of the story.. high school, you know?

    Location + first travel location: If the characters were of age, I believe it would be interesting to begin in a high school, as it'd allow a nice transition for them to meet each other, if it hasn't already happened. The gymnasium storage room—a prank. The girl's friends trying to prank her by locking her in there with a shy, adolescent boy.

    Name: Well, what fictional rich girl does not have an extremely sophisticated name? Beatrice (bee-ah-tree-che)
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  3. That's actually a great idea, you're not imposing.