Ideas/help needed for Residence c:

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  1. Hello, I am Isabell. You are looking at Blank Residence of 17282 which I own. I do not know what to build here. I want to build something sort of complimentary to the neighborhood/residences surrounding it. Something nice as well as unique. To the Right of this picture you have 17142 Kura Castle (Kuraudochuu), to the Left 17430 Tiger Text Bookstore (Kephras), The building I am standing on to take this picture of the south is 17281 Abstract Building of Biomes (stinkydoodie), and to the north beyond the render distance you have 17283 Wisepsn Museum (Wisepsn).

    Ignore the Welcome Message if you come to visit the area to get an idea, that was an old idea which was later abandoned. Any ideas to help make a memorable build for this area and SMP, please give me a shout c: Thanks!
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  2. Johnny how could you misspell my IGN
  3. Oh my.... I did not notice that. Changing it!
  4. a giant 3d art of a T-Rex
  5. build a massive, modern looking skyscraper such as the Sear's Tower (idk what it is called now)
  6. or check out my building services :) i offer a range of options. just PM me on the website and i will send u a link to my post and u can check out my past builds to see i can offer what u like (unless you would like to build on your plot for your own liking) if not disregard this post
  7. Sorry I dont want to big anything thats gonna tower over the residences around me.
    I actually want to do the building this time, I just need the inspiration/ideas to get me started on what to build.
    xD Ur too funny
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  8. Bump! Need ideas c:
  9. Sumtin snowy :3
  10. An "Adventure" res, featuring a crashed UFO in the middle. :)
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  11. It is currently called the Willis Tower.

    Also, dirt shack is always the way to go! If this information is false, I recommend something like a tree house. Those are fun C:
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  12. Willis? Named in honor of the famed actor who threw Alan Rickman out of a skyscraper? :O
  13. I wish. It was named after an insurance firm that bought the tower after Sear's couldn't afford to maintain it anymore. I think the name is Willis Holding's Firm or Willis LLC.
  14. Im bad at making crashed stuff xD Lets try to think of themes like Friendship or Sky Havens or idk
  15. So, you do actually have ideas yourself?
  16. He has a theme, but he can't think of what to build.. If he had ideas he wouldn't need the thread, which is why he needs help :D
  17. Woah, how did I miss this thread. =P

    Anyway, you should build something fun, maybe a pyramid with peoples heads? Maybe the house from up, a big tree(house), or maybe even just a big tower.