(Ideas For MineCraft) (Hang Gliders, Birds, Sharks, Ect)

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  1. Hi Everyone. I've always thought of these and I would like to see what you think.
    These are just Ideas for Mojang to add into Minecraft. Tell me what you think!

    1) Hang Gliders!
    Have you ever wanted to jump off a Mountain safely. Even when 1.7 adds all these epic Biomes. Well here it the time!
    The Hang gliders are something that when you right click while holding, Will equip onto you. In the crafting recipe it is like shown below. You can Change colors while adding diffrent color wool. So heres an Example. Player A Equips Blue Hang Glider. Player A jumps off a 300 tall mountain. Player A can glide softly to the ground while moving with Up Key and Down Key or W and S. It Does break after 5 uses. You can also put a chest on the back of it to store items if you want. When it breaks the chest will pop onto the ground with the stuff. To put a chest on it all you do i right click. So now you can jump off huge mountains and race your friends all the way down!
    Crafting -

    2) Birds!
    Yay There are now 5 new kinds of flying animals!
    Eagle, Crow, Toocan, Seagull, and a pearet!
    These are flying "birds" in the sky. If you shoot one down it has a 90% chance of dropping a feather or Bird Meat. When bird meat is eaten, you get regen 2 for 5 seconds and Hunger. If you cook it then It takes away the "Hunger" Buff.

    3) Better Boats!
    Wooohoo. Now you can make Better Boats in Mc! These are Boats that can hold 2 people. A Double chest. And have a motor on the back. If you put a Button under the motor at the end then when you press it, it will make the boat go. You can stand on the boat and if you right click it you will sit down. You can then stear the boat! Then if you get up you can go Fishing. If on a boat then When you go fishing a fish is more likely to come up. Thats about it for that!
    And Mojang can come up with a crafting thing for it :cool:

    3) Sharks :O
    Well Guess what. Sharks are here. They swim in the ocean and can sence players from 10 blocks away. They can break wooden boats and it takes 4 hits on a (Better Boat) for that to break. They deal 2 hearts with leather armor on. They also have 20 hearts just like players and Enderman (I think). They drop Shark meat and A Shark tooth. Shark tooth can be used to make armor and tools. They are a tiny bit stronger than Iron tools & armor. But they last a bit longer. They have the same drop rate as ender pearls. Shark meat heals 4 hearts and gives a speed buff.

    4) Steel!
    Yay Steel is now a ore as rare as laptis and can be found close to caves. Steel is 2x better than Iron. You can also make Steel bows which dont break faster and can shoot more stable. Steel can be mined with Iron tools and up. You can add dyes to Steel to make it cooler. Also you can now make Steel Horse armor also! And Steel can be used to make a new weapon called a Slythe. It does a bit more damage then a sword and is crafted like this. (Pretend the Iron is steel).

    5) Radioactive Chickens!
    Ok now for my next one RadioActive Chickens.
    They have 10 health and can deal 1 heart to you. They are as fast as baby zombies and drop Radioactive feathers. You can ONLY make Radioactive Feather Armor. It is as strong as Steal and can last as long as Diamond. It is a rare drop from them
    They also drop Radioactive Chicken Meat.
    When eaten it gives Speed 3 and you can jump 4 blocks. You also take no fall damage. All just for 5 seconds. When Eaten Cooked buffs last 3 seconds more.

    I Will Edit this soon and add more! Please dont post your own here. Thanks!
    Tell me what you think :)
  2. Love It!! you worked hard hope it comes through!!;):):D
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  3. Add radioavtive poisining from being around the radioactive chicken too long!
  4. Well strictly speaking, steel is an allow, and thus won't be found in the ground :confused:
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  5. Sharks and birds are planned, just going to be a while till they are added :)
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  6. Wait, since when :eek:
  7. Dinnerbone said he was working on them, but it is probably not on his priority list :p
  8. Well some stuff to say:
    Hang Gliders: Definitely not what I want in MineCraft, mainly because I do not see it fitting in right now.

    Birds: We have chickens... oh and I do want these, but I just see it dropping normal meat like Steak and Chicken not some magical meat that gives you Regen and gives hunger. Who knows, birds may be strictly to make it look good like bats.

    Boat: Maybe not a double chest but a chest similar to Donkeys. Also you can just sit in a regular boat and fish. A boat for 2 would be weird but it would be Semi-Good for Minecraft.

    Shark: No special meat. I imagine a Shark Tooth would be an Uncommon drop used to make Chain armor like some other mods because it makes sense.

    Steel: I quite like our tools and armor now. I enjoy new ores when they are pretty useful like Emeralds, and the minerals have stages to get to the ultimate diamond pickaxe. I do not want another tool/armor that is just there like gold tools.

    Radioactive Chicken: No... they might as well add that to Minecraft 2.0

    You may now start disliking my post :)
  9. im am so tweeting this to to jeb and dinnerbone..

    ill be sending the link :D
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  10. Cool :D
  11. great ideas, the only thing i dont like is the radioactive chicken. we dont need radiation in MC yet.