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  1. You can see who has a mob grinder by seeing there points.but mabey they can only win once.

    Btw i use xp to enchant things not only t get 1 on texp
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  2. how mouch qestions is it in the world before you get to the place wen you can build?
  3. Maybe there should be a parcor course and u win xp
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  4. but wen you are joining the game the first tame you nead to go in the right tonel to get to nexst place and... but how many of them is it?
  5. is it posible to tp to the end of the tonels?
  6. You mean in the tutorial?
    There was about 6 or 7 when I did it I think, but that was months ago, so I can't remember sorry.
    It is worth persevering though, you'll love EMC when you finish the tutorial, and the answers are all in the Empire Guide :)

    No, it isn't possible to tp to the end, I'm afraid.
  7. sory if i have bad English but am from Norway
  8. but can you help me with telling me the right answer?
  9. uese empireguide
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  10. if you know them?
  11. but can you help me by telling me the right answer?
    if you know them....
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    but how? am stuk in the tutorial!:(

    wat do i gona do on the empireguide?
  13. am online on smp1 but i cant chat or anything:(
  14. tok wick question is it
  15. nomber 2 0r 3
  16. wat is the comand totaleport to the wilderness?
  17. i did it! im don!:D:D:D
  18. how do i tp to my lot?
  19. Anyway, back to the subject.

    Inserting a method that would give more xp than the well known xpgrinders, would get abused for sure.
    If you make it a milestone, like 10.000 steps to get 100xp or so, it would not be awarding enough to just walk, since in that time you could kill monsters and get much more xp that way.

    Perhaps we could make a table of how fast you can earn xp with xpgrinders,
    for example:

    you can get 1.000 xp in an hour with a mobgrinder. This would require no movement at all, only attacking.
    you can get 100 xp by getting a milestone one time, in an hour by just walking around, imagine this would require no attacking at all, just walking.
    you can get 550 xp in an hour by walking around, killing every enemy you see. This would require both walking and attacking.

    That way it is less rewarding to walk only, still the most rewarding to have or create a xpgrinder, but would also reward the people that like to explore, kill anything on their path and continue their exploration!
    In my opinion milestones would be a great addition to living and exploring in the wilderness!

    And about Dystopia, that world should really have milestones. Maximize fun!