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  1. At the moment, TEXP is a scoreboard of how much exp you've gathered, as we all know, but it doesn't take into account anything else on EMC. I have been thinking that surely TEXP gives EMC the potential to take into account more than just experience?

    Also, at the moment there are no real incentives for people to explore farther into the wild than the nearest biome supplying the resource they want, apart from wilderness communities.

    Exploring Incentive
    I was wondering if there could be checkpoints 20,000 blocks out from the spawns, which would teleport you back to the main spawn*, but would give you a large number of TEXP points while they did it. This would give an incentive to explore 20,000 blocks out, to get TEXP points, instead of the usual xp grinder method. Perhaps this idea could be incorporated into the future Dystopia server?

    TEXP Incentive
    Also, while I'm at it, I was thinking of a separate idea, that the person who accumulates the most TEXP points in a week should be given a prize. This could be rupees, or a dragon egg that would disappear after a week or something else. I was just thinking that this would give people more reason to compete for TEXP points.

    What I'm actually asking everyone
    I'm presenting these ideas more as concepts than proposals that are set in stone, so I was wondering what the rest of the community's views are on the basic concepts, as the finer details could probably be better thought out.

    * They would do this to prevent people abusing the system
  2. Can this be explored land aswell or does it have to be unexplored land? Besides that, how would you calculate the players steps? By minecraft stats perhaps?

    I actually DO like the idea of getting xp by exploring land! Minecraft can make beautiful landscapes and with the wild/nether/end reset upcoming, I'm definitely stocking up on supplies to explore the fresh new lands!
    Great suggestion!
  3. People could use nether portals to get to the 20k block, it would make the distance not that much and they could get so much xp
  4. That is an issue, but perhaps Bloodra1n's idea of measuring the distance walked could be used, or maybe somebody else will suggest another way of doing this.
    As a concept though, do you approve?
  5. I like the xp idea but anything is fine.
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  6. Perhaps we could change the idea more to a milestone thing? Like every 10.000m you walk you get like 1.000xp, or after falling 1.000m you would get 100xp.. Just giving some option, that might all rely on the Minecraft Stats. Minecraft Stats are seperate from ssp/smp right?
  7. That would an awesome idea but you should also get xp from killing mobs.
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  8. The biggest problem with TEXP in my mind is the divide between people with mob grinders and people without, I think the monthly scores will be the same few people at the top once they get their grinders setup after the reset. So, I think your weekly incentives could be good, I'm not sure. Would it be the same person to win every week? Perhaps a week is a short enough time for places to change more often.

    The exploring idea, as someone who likes to build things far away in the wilderness, selfishly I don't want other people to have more incentive to find them and possibly grief them. Would it be supporters leading the way given that Utopia has no night time and therefore no mobs to contend with along the way?
  9. Remove all mob spawners?

  10. Well i heard there are some public mob griders. Those work dont they??
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  11. That is true, which is why I'm thinking that more ways to earn TEXP could be introduced to even it out, and when deciding how much TEXP people would get for certain things, things like how easy it is to get TEXP from xp grinders could be taken into account.
    The Utopia advantages would probably make it too easy, so maybe this shouldn't be introduced in Utopia? As to griefing, we would have to hope that the type of player who would want to invest time in collecting TEXP wouldn't be stupid enough to throw it away by griefing pointlessly. I agree that that probably isn't the case, though. Another solution to this would be to only have this feature on the Dystopia server, where I would imagine people won't build far out.

    I wasn't suggesting removing the ability to get TEXP from mobs, don't worry.

    That would be one way to measure it. The only problem that I can see with that is that people could just walk up and down a corridor next to spawn for hours and get loads of TEXP. However, if there is a way to measure distance walked normally, without cheat corridors, then I like that idea.
  12. If they've not been griefed and someone else isn't already using them, but they're not as good as the mob spawner ones.

    I guess anyone can watch you tube and make their own mob grinder too. I was just giving some context to my thinking on weekly incentives, with the same people winning all the time. What about the best increase in position each week, rather than who's at the top?
  13. If its not introduced in Utopia then that would be a drawback to becoming a gold/diamond supporter.

    Mabey if one person won in the texp than they cannot win again as to open up spots for other players.

    That sounds like a good idea.
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  14. That's a good idea.

    Another idea would be to weight the amount of TEXP you get from certain activities to the difficulty of getting the points. So you would get more TEXP spending an hour walking around the wilderness than spending an hour standing still punching mobs.

    Or you could only introduce it in Dystopia? I think that would give supporters too much of an advantage, but that's just my opinion. I do like the not allowing people to win more than once idea though.
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  15. Mabey we could change the amout of time you have to stay still untill you get kicked.
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  16. It's already been changed to people only getting kicked when the server's nearly full. This might annoy people who were standing still to use the chat or something else non-grinder related.
    I personally don't have anything against people using mob grinders (I have one myself), I just think that they dominate the TEXP a bit much atm.
  17. I like that idea, I'm imagining Dystopia will be a place to test your mettle and giving rewards for things like exploring and how far you travel before you die would fit really well.
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  18. That's what I'm hoping it'll be like too.
  19. Good
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  20. Nice idea
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