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Its this a good idea?

Yes 2 vote(s) 10.0%
No 13 vote(s) 65.0%
Need Improvment 5 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. I was playing tf2 earlier, and I think we need something like this
    It would basically be the front page of the site only, since people dont like others snooping around in their vaults or knowing their rupee balance.

    Every community Fourm member could help update it and vote on it.

    It would be for promos and items.

    NO advertizing of sellers, like a where to buy type thing (Maybe Mega-Malls can say they sell them) (like
    Where to buy: /v 2000, 1112 etc) (Sellers must keep it updated, since if they are out it wouldnt be fare to the buyer) (This can also include their price per item, like /v 2000 (5r) 1112 (5r)) .

    Putting a price to benefit yourself WILL result in a ban from the site (Even though others have to approve it also)

    This would just be an awesome addition to the community

    Here is an example:
    Adin: I want to buy a flaming mob launcher, but everyones price seems too high!
    Aikar: Use (The name of it)
    Adin: What is this?
    Aikar: It is a community updated site where we can tell the values of items to help sellers and buyers
    Adin: Wont people advertise using that?
    Aikar: No, there are no advertizing posts. You can put the name of the res that has them though!
    Adin: Thanks Aikar!

    Give your input!!

    Edit: Sorry for forgetting the name of the thread lol
  2. Dont just vote, I need your reason *Points at the person who voted no*
  3. Could be useful but can also be dangerous. Somebody can easily put 50k and new people would trust that.
  4. Its fourm member, Abusing it will report in a ban from editing
    You cant edit it without others liking your post on the change
  5. Now there are 4 votes on no and 1 reason.
    Stop putting no or yes without a reason please :)
  6. Ug. And for the needs improvement people... Post your reasons too please
  7. I voted for need improvement.
    1) I am confused. and lost.
    2) I don't know what it is and whether or not it should be added. For right now, I am on the fence.
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  8. Same here, he linked to that site, don't know what it's for lol
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  9. From what I am understanding, this would really only be helpful to the more "uneducated" (for lack of a better word) players. Most of us forum/site regulars do understand the average value of an item, or know who to ask or where to find that info. Those who don't know that info rarely if ever visit the site, and so this idea wouldn't be hitting its target audience most of the time.
  10. Close the thread :(
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  11. What if that is an item with a largely conflicted price? Someone may genuinely think it is worth 50k and someone may think it is 5k.
  12. *cough* staff heads
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  13. While the main purpose (I think its supposed to be an average price database?) would likely be unsuccessful, it could be changed into a EMC Shop (something I can't remember) V2. It could still average out prices, and sellers could list themselves under items of their choice. It would make for easy finding of shops that sell the item you are looking for, and also show what those shops are charging for that item. Its purpose would then be large enough that it could easily hit its target audience.
  14. This idea is interesting. However, on the website you linked to, for prices to be changed, a user must first apply a new price. Other users then vote and decide whether it's good or not. That may work here, but it doesn't seem it will have much use in my opinion.