[idea] Wither Cobble Stone Farm

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  1. earlier, I was watching a video by Panda4994, and he had this thing in the end called a with cobblestone farm. This is how it works. The with is stuck under the bedrock portal, and there are cobble stone generators pushing cobble into him. He breaks them, and the cobble falls. I think we should make one of these for public use in the Utopia end. If you look about 2 minutes into this video, you will see it in action. Tell me what you think!
  2. I'm pretty sure withers can despawn on EMC.
    [Is this true?^^^]
  3. No. This would absolutely crash the economy.
  4. It only makes cobblestone. I dont think that will crash it. Cobble is already bound to get cheaper and cheaper.
  5. I honestly don't want cobble to become cheaper than dirt blocks. Cobble or stone buildings will lose their appeal because cobble would become so worthless, and people also tend to view extremely worthless things as ugly, so basically like a dirt shack.
  6. -Cobble price lowers
    -Economy destabilizes
    -The Admin Team gets overthrown by a group of radical economy-loving players.
    -EMC turns into a dysfunctional dystopian hell where anything goes.
  7. I like the idea, but good luck getting someone to supply a wither just for a cobble gen.
  8. Oh, it produces a TON of cobble while just AFKing, more than one would want to believe.
    The problem is (I asked above) don't withers despawn on EMC if no one is near it just like normal mobs and enraged mobs?
  9. Nametag solves your problem.
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  10. I see withers with nametags in the future.
    "Hi I'm Carl!"
  11. I tried it on EMC, doesn't work.
  12. Is it just me, or is this totally an over-reaction? I don't know but I really don't think cobble has the potential to destroy all of EMC's economy... It's just... Cobble. And if it could do that, it would have already happened.
  13. Does that actually keep a wither on the server?
    Because I have some pretty crazy plans in that case.
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  14. on EMC you can't name tag wither bosses.
  15. Do it with obbi on the spawnpad in the end
  16. Durn. There goes my pretty rad wood farm. :I
  17. Having one would pretty much destroy the need to compete in the economy to get generic building supplies and remove the need to spend a fortune on cobble products or other products where one could use cobble instead of other blocks.
    Though it would not totally destroy the economy, it would leave a major sore spot.
    There was once an African king in ancient times. He produced tons of salt, a new product at the time. Him selling the salt led him to gain almost all of the Mid-Eastern world's gold in return. The gold never left his nation's economy, and because there was so much it became worthless there (it also became kind of worthless in other nations because there wasn't much of it and salt was more useful).
    In short, a surplus of a product is good for an economy, but an overabundance can be bad.
  18. *cough* Iron farms *cough*
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  19. It's on the brink, people will barely buy it if it is more than 2r-3r. My business and I are familiar. :p
    Only some 300 days ago it was 5r an ingot or more. That was before the farms were very popular.
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  20. Omg teh irony! (DAT PUN)