[idea] upgraded /help command

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  1. Currently the /help command gives you very limited and outdated information. Trying to fill it with everything in the wiki would be just as bad. This is my suggestion...

    In town
    The command /help will teleport you to another area with a visual wiki. Everything players need to know will be on the world. It could be much like the tutorial's information center.

    In wild
    In the wild, hopefully they will be able to travel to the help world and back where they were in the wild. If that isn't an option, a standard help text like the current system will be displayed with basic information on the wild.

    Why we need this?
    Although the wiki is amazing, navigating to it while playing is troublesome. Minecraft takes over the bandwidth on my laptop and sites take twice as long to load. A lot of CPU is also used which makes the switch longer. Finally, anyone in full screen must exit out of it to load the wiki. It ends up being a very cumbersome experience.

    What do you think?
  2. My god, catching up with these suggestions is a hassle. Alright here I go!

    Have the /help display limited information about each topic then give a friendly

    For more help, visit the Empire Wiki! (Link)

    We want to push people to the wiki and a visual online wiki would take up too much chat spam. I would much rather have an empire guide. Also this
  3. An update to /help is coming. Just isn't priority currently
  4. In my opinion, /help is supposed to be a quick way to get snips of information. If you want to get a snip of information, and you're forced to travel to a whole giant area with signs, it's not quick at all. Perhaps /help should simply be a link to the wiki?
  5. Maybe having "/help" show simple text like we have now but players will be able to use "/help more" to be teleported to the visual wiki. As I said above, visiting the wiki while playing can be a hassle. Although we want players to go to the wiki, it can get in the way of enjoying Minecraft.
    Yay! After dragon tombs and the supporter thing maybe?;)