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Good Idea? Bad Idea? What do you think?

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  1. So, as I was surfing the forums, the old fashion way, I find that it is getting harder and harder to find forums that are not auctions. So I, Hash98 , propose and idea that could help every member of the cite.

    A new forum box for auctions.

    Hopefully you get what I mean by saying this. I will post a picture later of some of my ideas. What I mean is, you know how there is a box/rectangular border around the forums? Well what I am suggesting is making an individual section/box/rectangle for auction forums.

    Some benefits:

    1. It would keep the cite more organized. *
    2. It would allow more threads to be read. **
    3. It would make it easier to find what you are looking for. ***

    *Meaning it would be easier for moderators and players to navigate through forums with ease.
    **It would allow more threads to be read because Auction and Normal threads both bump each other down, this causes threads to be skipped over unless you go into "Forums | Auctions ".
    ***If you were to want to be looking for an auction thread, you wouldn't have to look through a bunch of normal threads.(Vise Versa)
    Some Defects:

    1.It would stop the "accidental" stumbling upon auction threads and bidding.

    There is not much defects, if you have any please tell me.

    Also let me know what you think! Please keep the comments clean and helpful. Don't say this idea sucks, just say what I could do to improve.
  2. But don't we already have the auctions subforum?
  3. Yes,but most of the EMC members just look at the "Recently Active Threads."
  4. image.jpg
    This is what I was thinking....
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  5. I like!
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  6. Meh, You know. The Coders (Justin, Aikar, Maxarias (Not sure) , and other people)
    They are coding plugins. They don't have time to add a section which you could reach by pressing the forums button.
  7. Yes that is true, but only the people that play on EMC a lot(supporters,well-known members, and mods) know that that page exist.
  8. Hm... I'm not 100% sure what you mean.
  9. Like you know the ActiveThreadsBox ? Well I am saying make one just like it above or below it only with ActiveAuctions.
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  10. That doesn't sound like a bad idea actually.
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  11. Well...
    I don't think it would take them that much time. Maybe just an hour. Because they can use the script that they used for recently something threads and just change the source. But then they would have to edit the existing source the grab all but from the auctions thread.
  12. I like the normal auction layout. It adds a bit more competition to it.
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  13. Also guys, these forums are part of 3rd party software - not coded by the EMC team. It would be easy enough to add though. :)

    Is "New Forum Layout" a bit dramatic though? :p
  14. Yes but on their webpage it says you can edit it in any way. Meaning you might be able to copy the code.
  15. Read my post carefully :p
  16. thats what i get for voting before reading a thread. i like.
  17. I dont see whats wrong with this current layout. But ok.
  18. Couldn't they just get the RSS feed of the auctions forum and stick it in a box under the "Active Threads"? Quick, simple, works.
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  19. They could.