[Idea?] New crafting for Stairs

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  1. I have been told that Aikar can do crafting stuff. So here is my idea.

    They are used a lot. And 6 blocks apparently equals 4 stairs. That is wasting 2 blocks, not counting the 1/4 of a blocks that are unused.

    So what do I want changed?
    I would either:
    6 materials=6 Stairs (Sounds logical)
    6 materials=8 Stairs (This is the one counting the 1/4 blocks. If you make 6 blocks into 3/4 blocks, you end up with 6 1/4 blocks yet to be used. Those 1/4 blocks can be converted to stairs.)
  2. this would make sense
  3. nah
    what about 1 potato = 1 diamond?
    9 potatoes = diamond block

  4. This ^
    Right here is amazing.
    Would love for it happen.
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  5. Really 6 blocks should make 8+ stairs because stair blocks are in their smallest form 75% of a block (in visual size).
  6. I just found inspiration for my next pointless mod :D ( I make random and usually pointless things for minecraft because I don't have the time for big projects. My last one was making harvesting wheat drop carrots lol )
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  7. +1. I like this idea
  8. We can change crafting recipes to make room for EMC custom adventure items, but usually we don't simply change vanilla mechanics unless it's for a performance (or related) improvement :)
  9. It should be 3 blocks in an L shape should equal 4 stairs.
  10. But if I place a stair in corner shape it suddenly uses 7/8 of the block?

    -1 from me, remember when mined stairs would give you the normal block back?
  11. Sounds more like a suggestion you would put to Mojang, not EMC.
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  12. There's always plugins...
  13. Don't let nick see you didn't mention "melons".
  14. It has been suggested to Mojang over and over, as you can see nothing has happened. So I tried EMC
  15. I love how this thread is perfectly valid and has a great suggestion... but nobody cares.

    You've messed with vanilla enough, nobody will jump ship because they can make stairs.
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  16. Yay, stairs. I am waiting for the people to say you are trying to ruin the stair economy :rolleyes:
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  17. Like that whole Hopper debacle making stacks of items flow through a hopper.
  18. I believe that's a performance fix :)
  19. Exactly, only implemented to alleviate lag on the server.
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  20. In order to make sense of the recipe(at least for me), you can't look at it as six wood planks that form three steps. Instead I say that those six blocks get compressed or are transformed into four single blocks. They are not conserved, but changed into the new item(s) instead.

    Compare it to the Piston recipe, where you are turning three Planks, four Cobble, an Iron ingot, and a piece of Redstone into a single block: Why don't you get 9 Pistons?

    Or a single Stone Button from a whole Block of Stone: Why not more than one button? Just getting one button seems equivalent to using a whole tree to make one toothpick.

    If you look at the stair recipe as a transformation it makes more sense. You place 6 planks into a grid of 9 slots in a stair-step pattern and they are transformed into stairs. The ingredient/product ratio even sort of makes sense: 6 planks/9 slots = 4 stairs/6 planks. Two thirds ratio for both ingredients and products.

    Considering all the other magical things that we take for granted in the game, I see no problem with most of the recipes.

    There are so many things in this game that I have looked up and when I saw the answer thought, "Of course that's what it is.". Want a shovel? Put a Diamond on a Stick. Want a Boat? Put Planks in a boat shape. Want a Helmet? Make an upside down bowl to wear on your head.
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