[idea] /me command

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  1. I just had an idea, why cant we use the /me command?
    I think it would be fun to have it :)
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  2. /me? More details?
    Are you implying /me to be like /p [player]?
  3. Hmmm I don't think this would be a good idea… I can see people abusing it...
    No, I'm fairly certain he's referring to a /me <action> command. For example, performing "/me licks a window" would broadcast "* fireshadow52 licks a window" to the entire server (or specific community).

    Edit: Apparently there is already a /me command on the server, but it appears to be disabled. Perhaps a staff member could shed some light on this…
  4. I could agree with this....
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  5. I see it now!
    *Hashhog3000 gets hugged by a creeper*
    *Hashhog3000 feeds Aikar to a Wither*
    *Hashhog3000 punches some blazes for epic lolz*
    *Hashhog3000 drops his oatmea*
    *Hashhog3000 made a typo lol oatmeal not oatmea*
    *Hashhog3000 laughs LOL ROFL XD LMAO OMG OMG OMG*
    *Hashhog3000 gets banned for spamming lol*
    Hashhog3000 was banned by IcecreamCow reason: Players who can tell the future, what next?
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  6. Hey now, sarcasm can be taken as rude :rolleyes:

    Anyways, I think that it should just be in group chat. :p
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  7. Nah, I think that it would be a great feature, but there should be limits... Maybe can't use the command two times in a row? And group chat would be nice. And when you quoted, you missed the updated list. :)
  8. Yea. Maybe like 5 uses per day? It should count as spam
  9. Might as well not. Doesn't serve any benefits, plus, the /me command would probably enter the wild and waste, which is a no no. And for people saying Aikar can simply program it to only stay in town, then is really just typing "Choongjae says potato" much harder?
  10. As stated above, the /me command has no upsides but has downsides so I vote no.
  11. How does it have down sides? :(
  12. I don't see a down side. Not much else besides normal chat minus the T & :
  13. limits? thats my Name and i dont need them. but seriously probs a bad idea
  14. One thing to take into account: it doesn't really allow you to spam more than normal chat. After all, we have no timer on chat (except for SYSTEM), and we don't have that many problems. IF added, /me'd be logged in the same way, and we could take action against spammers as we usually do.
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  15. Eh, why not.
    Lets get creative with chat!!!!!!
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  16. Is it really necessary though? All I ever see /me being used for is spammy stuff and jokes (starin' at you Jack ^.^), which is all possible without /me, so it would only push it further and that is something we don't want on EMC. :)
  17. True, there would have to be trust in people. What if it was a supporter command? It would be a MASSIVE insentive to buy supporter :)
  18. Alright, going honest here

    /me is the most useless command. You guys can do without that command, it does not benefit the Empire in any way, shape, or form and is just stupid. I do not think you want people saying

    /me wants diamonds
    /me is looking for a shop
    /me is hosting a drop party for 5555r
    /me became a moderator
    /me and IcecreamCow are friends IRL
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  19. I don't think it would be to be honest, the command is useless as Sky said. I don't think it's plausible to say "oh, this could cause problems... let's give it to supporters only" because for the most part none of the current supporter perks work like that. :)