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  1. Hi there, ive been looking at overall things on EMC, and i thought to myself "Jee, What could i contribute to this wonderful community" then it hit me like a brick. An auction page. As you can see there is an auction page (poor way to auction without scam) So ive been devloping a plugin that creates a webserver from which you can login with your minecraft username, and password here on EMC, and start an auction, buy things being auctioned on the site, bid, and such. You add items to your E-Bay inventory by /e inv. Then it will open a virtual large chest from which you can put items you want to sell into. once you put your items in the chest, and you go to the website, what ever you put in the chest will be there, and you can auction it. Now, Once you buy something from someone, it will then take from your money, and Put it into your /e inv. And you can take it out. Basically ebay. Which is why i decided to call it EmpireBay. If you like this idea, Please Post thoughts, and comments here, maybe we can get justin to approve, and install it!
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  2. I love this idea, and have also suggested it before! I would love to see any basics you have (Such as website layouts etc) and just well done I hope its added
  3. Thanks! i have 6 years of java on my side, and 4 years of php.
  4. Sounds a bit complicated for the system.
  5. No worries, i ve seen noobs who cant even claim a res, i WILL make it simpler. Way simpler.
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  6. I didn't mean it for the users. I meant it to the system.(I'm unsure on how to explain this, Dayum bad vocabulary)
  7. Oh brb dying. Lol jk, well if justin would like to talk to me, on how i can make it work smoother, i can.
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  8. okay, ill be inactive for a bit, i have to go to work, takes 5 mins
  9. JustinGuy is not very active anymore. Try getting in touch with Aikar, he is the main coder now.
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  11. Reading this it makes me think of the old Grand Exchange they had on Runescape.
    (not sure if they still have it, long long time since I played that game).

    Good system to have as guarantees the items being sold :)
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  12. I don't have a prob with anything that can improve things for the community and credit to you for wanting to do somthing like this.

    I would just say run it buy EMC them selves first, nothing worse then working on something hoping that it will be adopted, only to be let down if its not part of there remit.

  13. I have always worked on a plugin in mind first, incase i want to use it. my idea was to gain a group of people that want to use this plugin, then tell emc staff about the plugin, and how many people agree to use it.
  14. That's a horrible system. R.I.P Runescape 2007
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  15. that would be nice because i hate going out looking for gold shops
  16. That's a great system and it works very efficiently.
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  17. Oh Yes this would be amazing as it stayed like you said ONLY.

    Just auctions.
  18. Just for the sake of curiosity, how did you learn to code? I have interest in learning that, but I cant decide where to start. :)
  19. Java is being hacked.
  20. Java has been patched

    Hey, It rhymes!
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