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  1. i know that this has been brought up, but people (like jkjkjk182) who are forum active an constantly reminding people about stuff (i.e. the thing in the corner labeled "edit") could be promoted (by staff of course :D) to being able to edit peoples posts / give warnings / whatever the slash / co.uk
    (that was pointless :p) and be able to delete posts after check in with mods or something?

    also would apply ingame where the player would give warnings to the person spamming / using caps / being disrespectful / breaking rules and kick them (maybe not off the server, but some sort of punishment)

    this is just to keep things cleaner, more fun, and not have the mods work their ***** butts off for us players, without basically making more mods instead of chat mods.

  2. There are some servers where there are only forum moderators, and im fine with that but most people like to play and moderate and most people listen to their peers.
  3. As I have suggested this before, I support this.
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  4. Believe it or not, there used to be a 'Chat Moderator', but the idea in practice failed. So those that were chat moderators were promoted to to moderators.

    And, only recently were moderators even given forum moderation powers :p.
  5. I actually knew this (crazy1080 ftw!) but did they do forums? I just wanna help without being a full time mod :)
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  6. and you can help, every post has a report option, every player is given the option for /report in game. That is about as close as you can get to moderating without full time moderating ;).
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  7. Needs work.
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  8. like?
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  9. Not to mention promoting EMC, helping new members, looking after all players, cleaning up the wild, being nice, voting and being a great community member :)

    This is the third time it' been suggested, so I doubt it being implemented even though I'd love it :D The best argument probably being that if you're qualified enough to be a chat/forum mini-mod, you would be qualified enough to be a full mod :)
  10. i actually got the idea from the second time this was brought up.. (by you ;))
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