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  1. The story: Oh dear! The very prolific and overtly malicious CraspCraft has managed to take over EMC! They've torn up the place, banned innocent players after stealing all their rupees. And worst of all, they've managed to imprison the only person who could stop them once and for all: the great and loveable Aikar!

    They've captured a number of players and moderators in their wake, griefed their homes, and sucked all the fun out of EMC. There's only a select few who can hope to stop these villains now. Maxarias! Kryssyjane9191! Dwight5273! And some green guy. I don't know who that fellow is but I think that they wear a hat...

    Armed only with their courage, they must fight their way through SMP to SMP, fending off hordes of griefers and theives along the way. Will their weakened power be enough to free Empire Minecraft from this chaos?

    I had this idea today while I was playing Scott Pilgrim v. The World with all my buddies. It would be a 16-bit beat 'em up game. It would be a multiplayer game with friends and bonuses that help you along the way, with a variety of boss fights. This is just an idea I had, I don't know if I have the time to make it.
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  2. This would be incredibly difficult to make, but it would definitely be fun. Not sure if it could be done, but if it's possible, I could definitely get behind it, or at least something like it. Maybe making an adventure map with the same plot? Either way, I think it would be great.
  3. Unlockable characters! ALL THE MODS!!! =)
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  4. Perhaps a Singleplayer (Multiplayer optional) Adventure mode? Where other staff members and contribution members are key side players.
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  5. The programming would be the most fun part about making a game like this! If you believe that lie, I pity you. Yes, programming and drawing would be a long tedious task. I'm not even sure what code language would be best because my experience with programming is very slim. However 16-bit art is not too difficult to make, and I'd be happy to provide the assets for a video game like this :D however coding isn't my strong suit.

    Unless someone else is willing to help me with the programming of such a game I don't really see it happening, at least not any time soon -_-`
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  6. *cough*Aikar*cough*
  7. I was also thinking that if you beat the game, you get alternative costumes for the staff member you complete the game with. Just an idea though ;)
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  8. Aha, but I never said it wouldn't be enjoyable, just difficult! I think the difficult things are the most fun :p
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  9. No! Aikar is already occupied =P
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  10. That poor guy is busy enough as it is haha. Also I don't know how he'd feel about programming a game where he is the damsel in distress :D
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  11. Well, I mean once he finishes DT and takes a break from coding EMC it would be nice to have a side project. Also it would be quite the financial endeavor.
  12. Once he finishes DT he will have something else on his plate. This is Aikar we are talking about =P
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  13. *Unlocks hatorji. Codes CraspCraft out of the game.
  14. I could make an EMC RPG...
  15. Well I... but... UGH! Fine...
  16. Does Java sound like it would work? I've heard some things about Java always claiming video games as their property due to it using their code, but that might just be a rumour. Would Python or C++ work better? I'd also prefer a video game like this to be more dignified, so no flash.
  17. Each person character could have their own special powers that they can activate every now and ageing, that would be cool
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  18. Java would work, but that doesn't mean it'd be ideal. I don't know enough about Python to offer an opinion there, but of the three you named I'd say C++ (or other C-language, like C#) > Python > Java. You might even be able to pull it off in Flash (definitely the easiest option), since the main downside to Flash is the way vector graphics eat your processor - not an issue when using sprites.

    As to the premise, I'm amused by the idea. :)
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  19. Cool idea, wouldn't play it though, because it's not my hobby to beat people up :)