[Idea] Eggify Improvement?

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  1. So I have been searching the forums and stuff and people really want to keep their sheeps color or villager trade but at the same time people want the trades to change for some villagers. So I came up with a simple solution: If you eggify with a stick, no stats are kept. If you eggify with a blaze rod, stats are kept. Tell me what you think of this.
    Blaze Rod: Keep stats
    Stick: Don't keep stats
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  2. I don't like the villager scenario. If you look on the mine craft wiki there are a lot of items traded and each and every one of those items would become useless or cheap beyond belief.
  3. Not true, just because people have access to those items doesn't mean they will be mass produced to ruin the economy.
  4. More like the other way around. Most people like it to reset. ALSO, it probably won't happen because it's a ton of data to store..
  5. People already have access to those items ever since villager trading was introduced.
  6. I did not say that everybody doesn't want it to reset.
    The horse data is doing very well currently.
  7. I like having my horses keep their stats..
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  8. And you can keep their stats with a blaze rod.

    Is this concept difficult to understand?
  9. Well, how it would work outside of horses is fairly straightforward.
    But if you egg a horse with a normal stick under your design, would it lose its stats?
    If so, could I simply egg and unegg infinitely to get a good horse?
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  10. If you egg a horse, you lose stats.
    People do that to villagers, don't see horses being any different.
  11. The problem being, this makes horse breeding obsolete, as no matter how bad a horse egg you have, if you have a stick, you can make it better than an Incitatus.
  12. So let people spend 10 minutes doing so!
    Horses are already pretty useless seeing how we have barely any flat terrain, we can teleport between residences, and horses are limited to land and 2 deep water.
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