[Idea] Double Chest of the Week

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Do you think this would be a good idea?

Yes, I like this idea the way it is 10 vote(s) 76.9%
It's a good idea, but needs some adjustments (Post them below) 1 vote(s) 7.7%
No, I don't think this will work out well 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. The main thread for Double Chest of the Week has been posted, you can visit it here:

    Recently, as some of you may have noticed, my friend FixedReflexes (we know each other IRL) has been doing several auctions for double chests of various valuable items...in very short amounts of time. (Here's his latest: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/auction-dc-of-nether-quartz-ore.23197/) At first, we were just joking around about how he could have at least one auction going at all times, but tonight we came up with another idea similar to that: To have an auction going for a valuable double chest worth (or possibly multiple DCs, I'll explain more below) of the community's choice every week.

    I was thinking that every Sunday, an auction would be posted by FixedReflexes for a DC of a valuable item decided by a community poll from the previous week, which would contain yet another poll to decide what would be auctioned in the following week. Each auction would probably end on either Friday or Saturday to provide time for a moderator to close the auction in order for us to [legally] start the next one. What we want more ideas on though, is what we can do to separate these from any normal auction other than the fact that there will be one constantly going on; possibly something that could benefit the community, other than being able to decide what is auctioned. Something to make it more of a fun challenge for Fixed... ;) (I should probably also add that we aren't looking for him to do anything ridiculous like a DC of Wither Skulls, Beacons, Diamonds, etc. Only things that can be reasonably done within a week.)

    About the multiple DCs at a time part, we were considering doing some kind of "2 Week Marathon" where Fixed would have more time to do a more daring feat of an auction every so often, which I would help out on. This is also something we're looking for more input on.

    Well there's our idea, so please post any questions, suggestions, or whatever else you want to say about it below. :)

    tl;dr: We were thinking about doing a special auction for a valuable item each week where the items being auctioned are decided by the community. Please post any input below. :)
  2. This is going to be fun... :cool:
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  3. ~Reserved for future idea additions~
    Something else I just thought of for the community benefit part is that we might be able to do something like holding a giveaway every 10 auctions. Like before, this is just a thought, so any input is appreciated.
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  4. I was also thinking we could do something like "themed" auctions. For example, we could have one week be nether themed, where the options would be Quartz, Glowstone, or Netherrack, or a mining theme where the options could be redstone, iron, or gold.
  5. What if we ask for diamonds? :p
  6. Like I said in the main post, we probably won't be providing any options for big items like that unless we have a really long period of time to work on it.
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  7. So, does anybody have anything to add to what has already been said? I saw that somebody voted that the idea needs some adjustments, but there haven't been any suggestions posted yet. So please, bring on the criticism. :p
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  8. I honestly think it's great how it is
  9. Okay, well seeing how most people have voted that this is a good idea in some way and only two negative votes and no negative comments have been posted we have decided to go on with the idea and kick-start it with a giveaway. (Yes, I know this has only been up for about a day, but plenty of people have seen it.) We wanted to do it for something that is in high demand, so we plan on doing one for 3 double chests of Nether Quartz, each double chest going to one of three winners. I'll probably get the giveaway and main thread for the official DC of the Week up later tonight. :)
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  10. sound awesome:D
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  11. this would be a very good idea and you would mostly get more bidders i think since the item for auction is going to be wht the public wants most
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  12. About getting the giveaway up tonight...well, some unfortunate events happened in the nether. Right as Fixed and I were finishing up getting the last bits of Quartz, lava and ghasts decided they didn't like us any more. ;) We didn't lose much of the Quartz, only a stack or two I decided to mine on our way back, so the only thing left to do is to get out of the Nether. We apologize for the delay, but it should be up tomorrow afternoon, assuming all goes well getting it back to town...
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  13. I was thinking beacons :p
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