Idea: Decimal Rupees

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good idea?

Yay 4 vote(s) 11.4%
Nay 31 vote(s) 88.6%
  1. Kinda self explanatory.
    Bob:I will sell you 1 dirt for 1r?
    Bill:Too much bro
    All:Yeah :D

    True this would look a little measy but it is just an idea. :)
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  2. It's just as easy to sell 2 of something for 1R instead of delaying other features to make this, IMO. Not to mention you'd have weird amounts of rupees left over, causing this:
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  3. Because having to buy things for 39.95 rather than 40 isn't annoying enough in real life
  4. Lol i agree with talukegord ._.
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  5. Actually, in the very beginning, we had decimal rupees. They were removed because they unnecessary.
  6. ^
    Plus, some people would charge 19.99 for items. I'd get ticked and rage, at that point.
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  7. We already had this a long time ago, I think. JustinGuy removed it when he added Chestshops, or a little while afterwards.

    Yay, I was right :D
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  8. I remember decimal rupees ;) I also remember /rupees top. Dark_Liz was #1 :p
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  9. hehehe....
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  10. Actually it was /rupees rank
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  11. It would be terrible if they re-enabled this. It would get confusing and cause more math to see if you have enough rupees to buy more iron that cost 7.57
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  12. Isn't having to buy something for 19.95 or 29.99 IRL already annoying enough?
  13. Too late for that, been posted already D:
  14. :p
  15. one sec let me get 2 10$ a 5$ 4 1$ 3 quarters 2 dimes and 4 pennies out(poor nickels)
  16. Often I have wanted such a feature myself but then have thought about the practicality and realised... What's the point? The current setup is simple easy for anyone and everyone to understand, adding decimals is necessary: after all you can always sell more of a single item to actually make it cost more or less that a whole rupee.
    Work it out on your calculator if not on paper or in your head ;)
  17. As has been said before. This would just get too messy. It is also unnecessary, the current system works fine. If it ain't broke don't fix it. And it would just get annoying with people charging 30.99r for something.

    And there is another thing, someone may advertise something for 22.99 and expect to make 23r out of it as you get IRL, but because of the way digital systems work the person would be able to pay 22.99 so then the person selling would report the person for not paying enough, then when they complain to the purchaser the purchaser may report them for scamming or false advertising. And the entire system would just get really messy and moderators wouldn't be able to keep tabs on all the cases of this kind of thing. So, yeah. :/
  18. Good point, this is something that shops often do to create an illusion that the price is less than it actually. I honestly think of it as being dishonest and we don't want something like that in EMC ;)
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  19. Most of this has already been said, but mainly they were un-required and is just easier all around for it to be whole.

    Also, we'd get a lot of lame scammers who would do things like: "Hey, Diamond block for 23.99, first person to get it wins." and the sign would actually say 2,399. Of course we fixed everything when this happened, but it caused more headaches than needed.
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  20. There was probably a reason this got removed.