[Idea] Buff Voucher

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  1. My suggestion is basically a buff for in-town use only.
    -Only useable in Town
    -Buff flag is still in effect. (If a residence has -buff, you cannot use your perk buff in that residence)
    -You may only have one buff active at one time.
    -This goes everywhere with you in Town
    Basically, somebody right clicks a Buff Voucher and they are brought to a GUI.
    From here, the select the buff that they want to unlock.
    Rabbit's Foot = Jump Boost I
    Sword = Strength I
    Pickaxe = Haste I
    Boots = Speed I

    Now, if they already unlocked a buff and they wish to unlock/upgrade another, they are brought to a similar screen. There is only one difference: The buff you can upgrade has an enchanted glow to it to help differentiate it. Example:
    In order to activate this buff, they must activate it from the /ps command or it's own separate command, /Perk or /Buff. It could be called a perk if you'd wish. Anyways, they activate the perk from a similar GUI. Any buff that the player has not unlocked is replaced with a barrier.

    Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns. I do not mean for this to be OP, I think it will just help with everyday activites. Think of it as a permanent potion.
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  2. Some alternatives:
    • Supporter Perk
    • Purchasable with Tokens
  3. -1 Permanent Buffs? Seems rather OP especially in the PVP arena and other events that take place in wild n such.
  4. As mentioned above, it is only usable in Town. I do understand the PVP arena part, though somebody can just make an 8 minute potion of swiftness and such and use it in the PVP arena. In the future, the PVP arena will most likely not be in Town.
  5. I would like to know why you guys voted -1, if you could please respond. :)