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  1. Due to the intense rarity of a mini boss spawning, and it being a surprise, players should be able to get boss summon items like a 'Momentus's Toe' that will spawn Momentus, but only in the wild/waste.
    NOTE - The boss summoner will not work if there is any other player within a 100 block radius, and the Boss will not attack anyone but the person who summoned it (unless attacked), also it's difficulty will vary.
    These boss items will drop off of their respective enraged mob, and higher difficulty spawn items are rarer than lower difficulty spawners.
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  2. out of my 107 days on emc ive seen 2 momentus and a single marlix and im constantly in the wild. So i would actually like something like this because i really enjoy challenging fights. So you have a +1 from me
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  3. How would you propose that one obtains these items which can summon bosses?
  4. Most likely a rare chance to drop from enraged, as 3 or more can be found a night if you really try.
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  5. I like this..ive been on EMC 105 days and have only seen one momentus...this would be a really interesting concept...+1,000,000
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  6. If this route were to be taken, you're talking about an extremely rare drop that may not happen all that often. If a boss were to be summoned and killed successfully, items worth tens of thousands of rupees (if not more) have a chance of dropping.

    Also, what about the schematics of summoning these bosses? How would they be summoned? Do you use a modded spawn egg to summon on top of you, or is it a voucher that's redeemed in the waste/frontier in exchange for an instant random spawn within a 1,000 block radius of your location?

    Say, for instance, redeeming trips a program that picks a random set of coordinates within that range. When the chunk containing the coordinate is loaded, assuming it isn't already, the boss spawns and the message is sent out.

    The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking that this is a really good idea on paper, but there's several issues that could come up with it in practice. I'm honestly not sure how it can be worked out in a balanced way. Hopefully Chicken or Aikar can put in their two cents on this. :)
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  7. Nah. I feel like this would crash the economy even more than that scavenger hunt did.

    EDIT: I feel like these ideas could use a little more thought, because they would be incredibly hard to program and it would require changing key aspects of Minecraft.
  8. Can a "momentus's toe" drop off momentus?
  9. I'd imagine so.
  10. I like the idea, but I hAve some concerns. Wouldn't you feel a bit cheated if you bought the items to spawn a moment us or marlix, then spawned it only to have another player defeat it and get the rewards? Also I think we have too many promos and special items as it is, not sure we need a whole new group of custom items. But a voucher wouldn't be a bad idea. + .5 from me:)
  11. There's no way to stop people from doing this, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal. However, using that logic, Momentus and Marlix shouldn't exist at all, because you'd run into the same problem. And pretty much any mobs that drop special items can be abused by others.
  12. Your missing my point. The difference between the way it is now and the way Ethy is suggesting is that there would be a purchasable item to spawn it. Right now, fair is fair, if you find it, you can kill it or walk away, Momentus isn't anyone's property. If I bought a spawn egg for him for 100 k and someone else killed him while I was getting supplies, I wouldn't be very happy.
  13. In my opinion, mini-bosses aren't all that hard to find. It just takes a somewhat in-active SMP and more than 15 minutes of half-hearted exploring.

    Yes, this would be wonderful for townies, but I see two key problems—
    1. Grinders being built to harvest bosses (Momentus)
      • Even if the boss is spawned in only for an hour before it despwans, players can make a grinder to harvest the Enraged Zombies at /ps 7 with no risk at all.
        • EDIT: I was not aware that this was changed.
    2. A new way to grief/troll other players
      • Although this one is not as direct, players could place mini-bosses in outposts while nobody is around, and eventually, someone will fall prey to this.
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    Good point, however, you're forgetting one thing. Momentus doesn't actually summon enraged zombies, he summons enraged guardians. It was originally Enraged, but it was changed for that exact reason.

    Other point - definitely agree.
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  14. Being a member for over 1200 days, I have only ever seen 1 momentus & 1 marlix. I panicked and ran because I only had starter gear :p
  15. Not sure what you guys mean. At just over a year and I have killed 20+ momentus and 30+ marlix. Just gotta know how, When, And where to look.
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  16. i have found lots of momentus, around half a dozen and about half as many marlix and I haven't been here very long. However, it seems when I'm looking for them, I could spend a week and won't find one. also, with having seen about 10 mini bosses total that means that on average I have seen one about once every two weeks which would be a good amount considering they are supposed to be rare but... I definitely haven't seen one in over a month so I think either they don't spawn as often anymore or I'm just not in the right places.
  17. they arent hard to find rlly but it would be cool if there was a rare drop like a toe or a fingerbone that could be combined like armor peices to build a full body.

    so like boots, leggings, chestplate, and helmet have to be constructed and then you put those peices on an armor stand and momentus or marlix appears. these drops would have to be alot more rare then shards tho, because enraged farms still exist. idk this could be a good or bad thing

    id just like to see more bosses
  18. So far I havent seen any boss mobs. The only thing I find are enraged skeletons.