[Idea] Bonus Chests and Naturally Spawning Chest

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+1 for both 12 vote(s) 92.3%
-1 for both 1 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. There has been a few problems with bonus chests and such, which is why I have a cool idea.
    • Bonus Chests
      • Bonus chests can no longer be redeemed by right-clicking
      • At town spawn, there is a villager named "Rob the Redeemer" or something
        • Right clicking him opens up a chest GUI similar to this:

          Now that I look at it, this looks terrible.
        • The beacon, when hovered over, says the following:
          • To redeem your bonus chests, place them in one of the slots then click me to redeem them!
      • The reward is randomized at the time of redeeming based on the time you redeemed it. The amount of chests you input increases the amount of rewards you get. With this, you cannot predict which chest redeems what, because none of them have a set value.
        • Think of it as Mann Co. Crates, except you don't need a key
    I do not know if this is possible, but it would fix a lot of problems. This idea could also be expanded upon Halloween bonus chests and such.
    Naturally Spawning Chests

    • For example, a feast chest
    • Replace the sign with floating text
    • Right clicking the chest makes the chest explode with the holiday's particles and then the items drop where the chest previously was.
      • "What if the chest spawns above an ocean?"
        Then make a platform underneath or swim.
    • This prevents trolls and helps keep the place cleaner.
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  2. Goofed up the poll. :I
  3. Agreed, this would also take care of the viewing contents before giving it to someone so you can rip them off, does it not? Great in my opinion and it can fix many issues.
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  4. Get staff to change it :)
    I like it btw :p
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  5. I really, really like both of these ideas :p

    Although since the Bonus Chests are out there already with the tags that they already have, I highly doubt it's possible to change their function at all now. Perhaps for the next holiday though, this could be implemented.
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  6. It does indeed. :)
  7. To further expand upon this idea how about people that have high vote bonus get a chest to redeem with "rob the redeemer"
  8. Nah.. Maybe you can just get bonus chests every so often instead.
  9. I like the ideas. Also something that would help in the trading/selling of bonus chests (if they were to return) would be a good thing. If the chests are randomized at the time of redeeming then it would be ok to trade or sell them. This way people that didn't get any or those that just want more can buy/sell/trade/etc. without worry of scamming.

    Also that GUI is fantastic Mr. Slab :D
  10. There have been problems with bonus chests? Other than the bug with the release, I have not heard of any issues.
    I guess I don't understand how your suggestion accomplishes anything more than the system already in place. And actually sounds more bug prone if anything.
    Furthermore, I am not sure what you actually are suggesting. Could you provide more explanation?
  11. I think it's the fact that they are illegal to trade because the current ones are wrappers for predetermined items where as this would be randomized as it is used rather than upon its inception :)
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  12. Sorry, I guess I missed this post.
    A chest that basically cleans itself up. You see a chest with floating text above it. You right click it and it explodes with particles and leaves the items it contained on the ground. This prevents troll chests.

    The Bonus Chest idea is explained, I hope.

    And of course there might be bugs. I could only assume you guys try to test features like this before releasing. :p
  13. it wouldn't be a replacement for "bonus chest" as it was currently called. I just chose that name to handle the implementation of delivering multiple items in a single promo/event.

    300k being a chest was a mishap that it would of took us too long to redo the chest...

    But the general idea i'm not opposed, but i think it could be pulled off in many ways. even say turning in fragments in exchange for items for example. doesnt have to be chests.

    And the villager concept isnt something thats normal for EMC. I feel EMC is too spread out (think about people in Outposts in the Frontier) that its inconvenient to go to town just to do it. could just be another command to pop it open.

    But I just dont see us getting to that idea anytime soon.

    For the feast chest... I dont see any huge issues with them. How is a fake chest any different than an ordinary empty chest? Sure holo text would be nicer, but I need to do some major improvements to the holo system to support concepts of auto removal and temporary text.

    but theres also not a "problem" to solve there.
  14. I haven't seen any yet this year, but assuming they are the same as last year's I figured the troll Chests that are being referred to were the original event Chests that have already been opened and left intact.

    Some I have found around outposts looked like players had taken what they wanted and left stuff they didn't want behind, I assume because they didn't want to waste the items or didn't want to be troubled by the extra effort it takes to throw items out. When the signs are still up I have sometimes taken them down and left the junk to despawn, especially if I do not want to attract attention to the area.

    If someone removes the sign, the Chest becomes something no one wants to touch because now we cannot tell whether it is an event chest or a player's chest. I can see how this could add to the clutter around Spawns and maybe create confusion for players regarding taking items from unlocked chests. Consuming whatever vehicle is used to deliver the prize when first found/claimed would resolve these two problems.
  15. What would this fix? Why can't we just right-click the chest instead? It wouldn't stop players from selling them and such. -1, but I like the 2nd idea, though.
  16. Not sure if you payed attention to the bonus chest situation.
    • Bonus Chests are illegal to sell/buy
    • It is easy to see what is in them due to them stacking with ones that contained the same item.