[Idea] Better Server Names!

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  1. Okay, this is a pretty small idea, but hear me out.

    The name of each EMC server only reflects the order it was released relative to the other servers. It doesn't reflect things like the ethos and the aims of their inhabitants.

    So, what if for each server we got 5 of the most prominent members there and asked them each to come up with a cool name for the server. Like Pandora, or Mordor, or maybe Metropolis!

    When each of the most prominent members has made their submission, all the other people on that server could vote on the best one on a thread, and after a while, we could see the most popular name and apply it to the server!

    What do you think, EMC community? Cool or what? :D
  2. Yeah maybe adding servers that are roll-based or maybe hardcore-creative-pvp-(alreadynamed)distopia :D
    Adding small servers (20 player cap) with none of the extra plugins or residence or whatever and making them f.e.
    -Halo server
    -Pvp server
    -hardcore server (if you die you get banned from that server)
    -creative mode server (you have to pay rupees to come maybe so that it dont get clogged)
    I like that idea, and since it could be low plugin and low capacity it would only count like 1 SMP server :D
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  3. ^ me like
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  4. That's not really my idea, my idea is to rename our current servers with more vivid names. But I do like the idea of creating individual servers with their own different direction and angle to the other EMC servers. Perhaps each server could get a tiny feature that would make it stand out to other people moreso than the others?
    SMP1 could have a public permanent End portal at spawn,
    SMP2 could have an Empire Shop allowing you to sell things,
    SMP3 could allow you to hook any animal with a fishing rod to make them follow you,
    SMP4 could have the ability to enable flying on your res in Town,
    SMP5 could have the ability to merge you and your friend's residence for a fee,
    SMP6 could have a protected railway to each of the outposts in the Wild, with stations allowing you to go to the surface.
    SMP7 could have RTS that allows you to teleport between two residences, so you don't need to construct a Nether Portal,
    SMP8 could have 10% higher daily bonuses for people with a residence there,
    and SMP9 could make TNT spread fire for Supporters if detonated using a Fire Charge.
    Justin has already acknowledged the Dystopia idea, and he is in the process of implementing it :D
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  5. Instead of having people pay rupees to get into the creative world. Maybe only perhaps supporters could, just to influence more people to buy upgrades! :D
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  6. That a great idea :)
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  7. *supporters gotta hate*
    xD well, i purposed that because i'm not supporter currently :(
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  8. But then each server would be exclusive, and have exclusive stuff.
    The concept of empire would be divided because people would just choose for example smp4 or smp5...
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  9. Well, then, perhaps more subtle features could be implemented to make each server more unique, as well as the names
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  10. Am I the only one who likes the servers' names as numbers? I think it's much easier to keep track of them that way.
  11. It is but I like the idea of seeing names because smp2 sound like a prison block (Sorry I had to say it)
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  12. The servers are ordered by release date from top to bottom already, it wouldn't be much harder.
    For the first month, the previous name could be beside the new name in brackets.
    This is one of the reasons I want a wiki released for users to create articles about the Empire, that way anyone interested will have a free reliable resource :)
  13. Not the only one! :)
  14. No bonuses or differences in the servers. Instead, you could just have each server have a different attraction. For example, we have the carnival, but what if another server had a haunted house? Another could be a maze complex! There are endless possibilities!
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  15. I had never thought of it that way. But now I do. I literally lol'ed.
  16. I agree it simple just type in smp#
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  17. I agree that I enjoy asking people what smp they are from an having them reply with a number. It's like asking them what city they are from. "Oh, you're from 2? I buy a lot of stuff on 2! I'm from 4!"
  18. I accept this idea but honestly don't like it. I'm with you margaritte I like the servers how they are :)