(IDEA) 70k Members or Mob arena Re-opening items (Full)

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Do you think this would be cool?

Yes, as 70k members items 9 vote(s) 45.0%
Yes, as Mob Arena re-opening items 3 vote(s) 15.0%
No, needs fixing 4 vote(s) 20.0%
No, these swords would be way too O.P. 4 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Recently there has been some buzz about ideas for the 70k members items. A lot of those ideas are good (I want the IcC Pig) however not that many go in a set like the 60k armor and gear did. I don't think anyone will want another set of armor that's just a little different and given a cool name.

    Now I think a cool 70k members set would be a non-metal material sword(s). All of them would have the same durability as a regular diamond sword. This sword(s) would be different colors and enchants based on what sword(s) are made of. This would also make collectors have to choose which attribute they find the best and encourage people later on to sell them. Also no-one can make these using a crafting table.

    Here is what I think would be a cool sword to be made of.

    Nether Quartz Sword; This enchant would have an extra effect of sharpness VII to go along with the 70k member release. Nether Quartz would make a really good Knight Sword which is why it should get a sharpness increase.

    Red Stone Sword; This effect would be a fire aspect that always catches the enemy on fire and lasts for 70 seconds, originally I thought 7 minutes, but that would be way too long. Since I know nothing about fire aspect mechanics the level of enchant could be anything. Who's to say this might get renamed inferno sword, IDK. The inferno sword in the RPG mod does more damage than a diamond sword, the Red Stone Sword would do the same amount of damage.

    Obsidian Sword; Everyone knows that obsidian is the strongest block, so logically it's sword should have the enchant of Unbreaking VII to go along with the 70k member release. This would make anyone that wants to go out and use the sword as a weapon to either get strength or get something that's weaker, but lasts much longer.
    sorry if people can't see the sword, this was the only picture I could find of it.

    Emerald Sword; Emerald is the hardest item to find in the game because it spawns so rarely and rarely seen in caves. Lets turn that into it's advantage. Emerald Sword would have the looting VII to go along with 70k members.

    Coal Sword; Recently with coal blocks coming out and the fact that almost everyone needs it in order to play M.C. at one point or another there has to be a sword about it. Now since coal is used for lighting which is than made to keep monsters out, knockback VII would work perfectly with this sword.

    Rainbow Sword; With all Undead mobs catching fire in the sun a rainbow should do even more damage. This sword would have the smite VII made to kill all the undead with the power of the color spectrum.
    View attachment 20479

    Lapis Sword; Not that many people actually mine lapis when going mining. The Sword reflects on the item, so the Lapis Sword has silk touch XD, making the only use for it being to get things like spider webs. Now since I use lapis more then the typical Minecrafter, I would get it.
    View attachment 20480

    These seven swords would also be great for the Mob arena re-opening since the only effective way to win is to have good gear. This would be very risky though, but worth losing a head in the arena to get one.

    Another thing is the EMC staff might not allow these swords because it would be too hard to put into the game.
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  2. All impossible.
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  3. While these ideas are nice, and personally, would be really neat, they cant add new textures into the game without everyone downloading a reccomended pack, and so on.
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  4. Wasn't there literally a post exactly like this?
  5. Yes, but the first one didn't have all the swords. I clicked post when I meant to click upload
  6. The answers in that other thread sum up why this can't happen on EMC (unless Minecraft radically changes).
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  7. You could have posted a message with the sword pics.
  8. Aikar can't add items.
    He can edit them (the ICC pig is possible)
    But he cant add them.
  9. Just gonna say the emerald sword would be too good because emerald is rare in caves but common in villagers.
  10. I know this is impossible....but I want these so bad :3 Love the creativity, would totally support if possible.
  11. Swords are INSANELY awesome! Go emerald and obsidian, I love both! Redstone looks hot, and quartz look nice! Love them all! :D If they ever came out, MUST HAVE!!!!
  12. It would be cool to have these in game, yet like others have said they are impossible to add without everyone downloading a mod or something similar. But it would be fun to use them.
    EDIT: Maybe these could be added to the EMC mod when we reach 70k as a special new update for the mod.
  13. The main issue with adding new items is that every single player on EMC would need to install a custom EMC modpack just to access the servers. While it might add some cool items/features, it is best to avoid this as it is a deterrent to new players, as well as players who are not interested/capable of modding their vanilla minecraft installation. :)
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  14. you know, theres a thing called snipping. :p
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  15. I wonder if this sort of thing would be possible when mojang release its modding api. Minetest (opensource minecraft clone) has a really good plugin system where servers can have all these plugins and the client downloads the information on connection.
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  16. yes, but 1.7 is set to come out some time in november, and we are growing way too rapidly for that. :D
  17. Is the API being developed for 1.7..? o,o'
    ...All I have seen on it so far is changes to world generation.
  18. No I think it's still a way off yet.
  19. Is there a button that snips it? Nope. And frankly I was in a rush and didn't wat to mess with that on my phone
  20. Is it possible the idea behind all these swords could be made into a promo item? All the swords would have the same enchants and be named the same thing, but wouldn't be that color?