[IDEA] 2013 Empire Minecraft Awards

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What do you think about this?

Yay 64 vote(s) 76.2%
Nay 3 vote(s) 3.6%
With some changes, a great idea-ay. 17 vote(s) 20.2%
  1. We have Olympics events, we have mob arenas, we have a currency, we have an official EMC "let's play" so why can't we have an EMC Award Ceremony?

    To put it really simply, it would be an award show to determine who has had to greatest success in one category, of course, on EMC.

    So for example, some categories would be "best shop" ; "most significant/impacting EMC update" ; "best EMC event" ; "EMC overall most dedicated player" ; "EMC supporter of the year" ; "EMC non-supporter of the year" and then probably a lot more with a few goofy categories such as "oldest EMC meme/joke of the year."

    It would work like this. Either in game or on the forums, I would find the system that works best for voting (probably a google document) and then announce the winners of each category either in game or on the forums. Nominating could come from selected players or staff, if they're interested.

    The event would be planned carefully to avoid offending anyone, if that's a concern for some people. Personally my one and only problem is it possibly just turning into a popularity contest, so what do you think?

    To be honest, I'm not a massive fan of un-official/non staff-supported in-game events as 1) 0 people could show up, or 100 people could and 2) they're pretty hard to control - which is why I say in-game/on the forums.

    Yes, it says 2013 but basically it's 2012-2013.

    Yay or nay? Any questions? Feel free to suggesting anything. I think that it could be a lot of fun. :)
  2. Me Gusta and quote from Emc staff "Why Not"
  3. Double post :p Yes, why not haha
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  4. Dear AT&T service, why must you do that to me lol
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  5. I think it's a pretty interesting idea. Define the categories a bit more though, for sure. For example, "best shop" should probably be narrowed down to:
    Best Shop Layout
    Best Shop Decoration
    Best Shop Organization

    Of course, don't get too crazy or this event will be too large to manage. Get SMOOCH involved, he can help you a lot.
  6. That'd be nice, I have so many ideas for categories, I'll post them a bit later on. I don't want too many, but 3 sub-categories for just some big ones sounds good. Or/and independent server awards for some, instead of EMC as a whole.

    That'd be great, I hope that he could give suggestions with the experience from the things that he's organised.

    Of course, I'll make a much more detailed thread later on if this is a go ahead, but feel free to post any suggestions here.
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  7. I'd enjoy helping out with this as well! Let me know if you need any help :)
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  8. I'd be glad to :)
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  9. Ohhh! I love this!

    Maybe I can win something :3
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  10. *cough* Biggest spammer *cough*
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  11. *Sneeze* Highest poster *Sneeze*
  12. That was actually one of the awards I had written down haha
  13. Person who likes the most *Equinox_boss*
  14. Best Pig
    Most rupees spent in one day
    Biggest Giveaway
    Most follows in one day
    People who've passed Justin in posts
    Biggest scandal/heist

    Just a few ideas. =)
  15. Now... how is that going to work? 5 people have
  16. Jack get out of my head!

    OT: I like bonzd's idea for categories.
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  17. What do you guys think about having 1 major winner for most categories and then having 2-3 sub-categories that people can win for all things except the SMP1-9 awards
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  18. I suggested something similar to this but with like more personal rewards :)
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  19. Oh cool :)
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    • Person online the most
      • Hours online per day
      • Consecutive days online in a row
    • Biggest consecutive residence
      • Biggest Area Space
      • Tallest
      • Used Most Blocks
    • Biggest residence
      • Tallest
      • Used Most Blocks
    • Most expensive residence
      • Most expensive value (novelty)
      • Highest rupee amount spent on a residence
      • Highest block value (when built)
      • Highest block value (current)
    • Most visited residence
    • Most noted residence (residence advertised the most ... ex) eklektoi: Hey go to 4005)
    • Most noted player (player advertised the most ... ex) WCG_Elite: Hey go to eklektoi's res)
    • Player seen most on forums
      • Seen most auctioning
      • Seen most bidding on auctions
      • Posted the most on forums
      • Liked the most posts on forums
      • Has most followers
      • Followed most people
    • Player seen on emc website the most times
    • Player seen in wilderness most amount of times
      • Player with most mob kills (if possible)
        • killed most mobs overall
        • killed most using fist
        • killed most using bows
        • killed most using sword
        • killed most using (tools)
        • killed most using potions
      • Player with most deaths (if possible)
        • died most overall
        • died most from fire
        • died most from falling
        • died most from mobs
        • died most from drowning
      • Player with highest exp
    • Player with most enchants made
      • Books
      • Tools
      • Armour
      • Weapons
    • Player with most potions used
      • Most potions made
      • Most potions drank
      • Most potions thrown
    • Player who has achieved highest amount of rupees
      • Overall Rupees without spending
      • Overall Rupees consecutively
      • Player who spent most rupees on items
      • Player who spent most rupees on a (single) item
      • player who received most rupees on a (single) item
      • player who received most rupees consecutively
    these are a few i can think of - hope it helps :p
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