IcecreamCow Strikes AGAIN!!!

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  1. YouTube was not happy with us since we had 8 seconds of TNT by AC/DC in the movie. Jordan is working on editing that 8 seconds out and we will have the video back up as soon as we can.

    It was fine day, and Jordan and I were making our new Eggification Tutorial, when suddenly a mad cow appeared. It was none other than IcecreamCow diabolically plotting to destroy our Eggification Bunker... Then, it happened.... We invited everyone to Utopia for a TNT FIESTA :D!! Here, my dear friends at Empire Minecraft, is an account of what happened on that wonderful day!
  2. This was really fun.
    Especially when the dogs came after Aikar...
    And then were blown to smithereens.
  3. Yeah... this needs to happen again. And the next time Jordan and I must stay the WHOLE TIME :)
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  4. And not call me SecretEkkens. XD
  5. Yeah.... you see the AznEks to me looks kind of like snakez. Ekans is a Pokemon (incidentally it is also snake backwards) So we just say it that way since we are Pokemon dorks. I apologize for any miss pronunciations that occur due to that :)
  6. Haha, it's perfectly fine. We were all pokemon dorks at one point.
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  7. This is just becoming a ritual for ICC
  8. He does his TNT dance and then KABOOM. Another SMP is blown apart... :)
  9. ...with love.
  10. ...explosive love.
  11. When is the next look what Icecreamcow did event? I want to be there!!!
  12. sorry for falling into the hole... v.v
  13. hahahahahaha my good man it made it all the more fun ;)
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  14. good haha :p. i felt like i ruined your recording though xD
  15. It added a nice bit of comic relief until the TNT got going ;)

    Plus, if you had gotten in the way, we would have just cut it out in editing so yeah :)
  16. oh haha :p. well i'm glad i could contribute ^^.
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  17. You guys should really have stayed for the TNT house. Aikar accidentally hit one of the puppies while closing the door, and they were all crowded under the table growling and squeaking while Aikar, a few others, and I stood on top of the table for safety. And then they put lava...
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  18. why does it say the video was removed??:eek:
  19. YouTube wasn't happy with us..... Check the main post now.
  20. Love the attempt to eggify the creeper.... 'I am in town so I Should be ok.' SSSSS BOOOM Hmmm guess not... lol :D
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