Ice Water Residence Problem

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  1. I have a problem that has been bothering me for a while now, how ever I didn't know where exactly to post this thread.

    My whole res is an Ice biome. I can't do anything about it. Ever single time I place water, it turns to ice, and this ruins my residence a whole lot because I am trying to make a big water fountain for my muesuem.

    So my question is; is there a way/flag to stop the water from turning to ice? It has been quite an annoynace when I have to buy lots of torches and they are not even working..
  2. You can try putting a layer of glass at the top of the residence at build limit.
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  3. You can put blocks above the water, or for the price of 20k (I think?) you can have a Senior Staff member change your residence biome.
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  4. Glowstone under the water?
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  5. Light works.
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  6. You can pay a Sr. Staff to change your biome for 10k
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  8. Thanks guys. :)