Ice & Dwarf's Parkour Tournament

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    To Celebrate Xothis_Dwarf's 300th Day and Ice_Lightning99's 250th Day On EMC, We will be hosting a Parkour Tornament.
    How It Works
    You first have to apply to be randomly selected to participate in this event... Depending on however many people enter we will make up a bracket of 16, 24, 32, or even 48. If you are selected you will be randomly seeded and put into a bracket accordingly. From there you will go head to head with another player each round in hopes of making it to the finals.
    The Course
    The Course for rounds leading up to the Semi Finals will be about 60 blocks long, and for the Finals they will be about 120 blocks long. The objective is to beat your opponent to the end and advance to the next round. If You Make it to the semi-finals you are competing for a medal... Winners will go on to the finals to versus each other for 1st place and the grand prize, and the losers will go to the 3rd place Match and a consolation prize
    We will hold all of the rounds up to the Semi- Finals 3 Weeks From Today (March 16, 2014) and then the Finals a week from then. Each Event will start at 1 pm EST
    • First Place
    1 SC of Emeralds
    1 Set Of God Weapons- (Bow and Sword)
    1 DC of Extended Swiftness Potions
    25,000 Rupees
    • Second Place
    15,000 Rupees
    • Third Place
    5,000 Rupees
    IF you want to donate Hoppers will be set up at 9348 on SMP4


    To Be Posted After Competitors Are Chosen
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  2. looks fun :)
  3. Um, I read it multiple times, but can't find the time...
  4. New Location 9348 on SMP4