ICC Event: Creature Capture on SMP5 (9:45PM Central)

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  1. Hey everyone. Come join us on SMP5 for some Creature Capture fun. Will start at 9:45PM Central (About 25 minutes from this post).

    See you there!
  2. Wow! Sounds great, IcC!

    Oh, and how do I say this... I gotta do this properly. Ahem. *Chews breathmint, wipes mouth*

    First. :)
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  3. Yay :D !
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  4. When you have cable you get bored and go to the gym. When you get bored and go to the gym you miss an IcC event. When you miss an IcC event you get mad. When you get mad you punch things. When you punch things you accidentally push the button to launch nuclear missiles. When you launch nuclear missiles you have to move to a cave in Siberia. Don't move to a cave in siberia, get Directv.
  5. Creature Capture Event? Can someone explain that to me here so I don't have to ask in-game? Thanks! ^.^
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  6. So, you basically join a team and try to use fishing rods to swing mobs in the middle of the arena into a fenced in box below your platform, where eggers then egg the mobs (usually sheep) and then put the eggs into chests for points.
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  7. icc spawns a mob and there are two groups of people. People who fish the sheep over to the players and players who eggify the eggs.
    EDIT: Ninja'd by the hogger of hash.
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  8. I'll be there. Do we need our own fishing rod?
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  9. Sounds great! I will try to make it.
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  10. This should be fun
  11. Blue Team For The Win!

  12. Blue Team Caught An Aikar!

  13. Red Team won :D Yay!
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  14. Thank you so much for this! We all really appreciate it! :D
  15. are we allowed to make our own creature capture arenas and host games?
  16. This is on one of the gigantic plots that each server has, a 60 X 60 wouldn't be as big and it would probably be a lot easier.
  17. *cough* Utopia *cough cough*
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  18. This is a fantastic post taken from the "PLAYER RUN Event Guides".

    Thanks for posting, but wrong section. :)
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  19. I know xD, just showing discontent in not seeing when it was posted.
  20. Well, as all of the other events run by staff are more or less planned way ahead of time. I like to keep mine super random. I think people have fun with that, and it makes it more fun for me to run it for you guys. :)
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