[ICC BO2 Commentary] XBOX ONE vs PS4

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  1. So, I did a commentary on the XBOX ONE vs the PS4 over Black Ops 2 gameplay. I didn't like how I sounded normally because it sounded like I was reading, which I sort of was from my notes. I re-did it and added a hick/hillbilly accent and it came out much nicer. Enjoy. :D

  2. What, that's not your real accent?
  3. Indeed Bigdavie, but it's entertaining :D
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  4. That accent sure made me laugh :p
    Awesome commentary, very entertaining :D
  5. Ps4 is better. The X-box 1 looks like it has a HP printer on it. The x-box 1, it has a microphone listening to you (using the connect) the whole time you are on. Yea the PS4 you have to pay now for multiplayer, but atleast you can share games. For X-box 1 you cant share games, on the Playstation 4 Of course you can.
    This is pretty much an insult to X-box 1 lol
  6. Microsoft cracked, you can share games and do pretty much everything you couldn't.
  7. Least try and keep away from the flame wars?
  8. My idea: Make sure no one buys the Xbox One or PS4 and they will be forced into dropping the price or some dumb features that seem like we hate! If that doesn't work then let's buy an N64.
  9. I approve of that idea! :)
  10. You caught me...maybe. :p
  11. that's why i stuck with pc for now... i never had a ps3, but i have played them - first thing i noticed... the latency on the wireless controllers they had were terrible - they took a few milliseconds longer to respond - whereas xbox 360 controllers responded almost instantaneously ... and when it came to me playing zombies on cod - there was a huge difference...

    I always wanted to play a few games that were ps3/ps4 exclusive only, like last of us and some naughty dog games.... but i never thought i wanted to just pay for ps3 just for them when i had an xbox 360 already.... However, I did pay for xbox because its servers were more secure.

    I never wanted a kinect - i'm a pretty lazy gamer... guess that's why i eventually stopped playing the wii, i didn't want to move around too much - just wanted to lay on my bed or couch...

    So i don't want to be forced into buying a kinect (an add on) to be mandatory to play for the xbox one either... I mean sometimes you need privacy ... and i leave my xbox on when i used to go away or something....

    if kinects are mandatory - they are violating the Bill-C30 Depending on the usage - This is the 'Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act' ... if a kid plays, gets out of the shower or per say (wants to wear whatever in his/her room) ... and are made to use a kinect to play a game... someone else could just potentially view his/her webcam - and this is definitely going against protecting kids rights - making them have no privacy and being able to increase accessibility for predators.

    Also, the ABA - The prevention of double billing (charging someone for the same product 2 or more times) ... for them saying 'oh if someone else is in your room, we are going to charge you extra when the kinect sees them' ...they aren't using the product just by standing there... this is clearly a violation already. (This is the same as me saying, if I go to McDonald with someone, and I order food and they don't, and they sit down with me while I eat - I'm charged extra because they are sitting with me.)

    The PS4 ... If they have improved their controller timings and paying for a subscription means better servers... i'll possibly buy the console ... I'd have to rate ps4 at about a 7/10 just because i've never used it before i can't give it a pure 8 or 9.

    Xbox one - I have been a loyal Microsoft customer for a long time... but they aren't making me want to buy their product with all their negative attitudes, greedy intentions, and illegal multiple-disbursements. They would have to get a wopping 3/10 for me... Only reason they aren't a 1 or 2 is because of the games - they still have excellent games being made... but their features and higher price than ps4 definitely sink the score.

    This is my view on the situation - so for me - a former 360 customer ... ps4 is winning my vote.
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  12. PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4! (This is not flame war, so do not reply with that statement. I am play station nation.)
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  13. Can i send you a friend request? on xbox 360? XD. I can help troll with an autotune mic :cool:
  14. Haha, do you have a YT chan?
  15. PS4!
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  16. I vote for ps4 all the way, mostly because I would love playing grant theft auto V on it :p
  17. Yes, but i havent made a video in a while because i am getting a capture card soon instead of an hd video camera... ONce i get that I am planning to do some trolling videos:p THe channel name is ElectrobombVideos
  18. That hasn't been confirmed yet. As of right now you'll have GTA5 only on 360, PS3 and PC.
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