IamSaj announces C.O.W.S. | Info Thread and Pilot Thread

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  1. Hey guys! It's Saj again. I have been making ideas about this in my head for a long time now, and today is the day I finally have to organize it all and push out my content to fellow EMC members. Well, without further ado, I shall announce,
    "But Saj, what are C.O.W.S.?"
    Well they are not the ones we get milk from, but actually a weekly thread of Cool Online Websites!
    The cool thing about the C.O.W. threads are that you guys can submit new C.O.W.S for me to use in next week's C.O.W. thread! To submit a C.O.W., you must fill out this form here. Entries will be reviewed by me and possibly put in next week's thread! But since this is the first announcement of C.O.W.S., I will be choosing them for this thread only. The rest are submitted by you. (Info - If little or no C.O.W.S are submitted by the following week, I will find some and put them on the thread)

    Now I will be showing you an example of a future C.O.W. thread. Keep in mind this is a pilot and info thread, so your feedback is appreciated in the comments.
    Example of some C.O.W.S
    1. Youtube
    Youtube is a place where you can watch anything from a funny cat video to a daytime talk show host giving away free stuff on Christmas. Did I mention it was free? (Keep in mind this description is the one you would've submitted on the form)
    Submitter: IamSaj from SMP5 (294 days played)
    2. Facebook
    Facebook, the one place where you can see whining girls, duck faces, funny pictures, spam friends, and keep scrolling to go to Hell. How convenient!
    Submitter: IamSaj from SMP5 (294 days played)
    Now these are just two examples, they are many more, and these are just social websites. Anyways, if you would like to submit a C.O.W. for next week, make sure to click the link above. If you would like to suggest something for the official start of C.O.W.S next week, please comment below.
    Thanks! ~ Saj

    C.O.W.S are inspired by Vsauce's video series on Youtube, DONGs.
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  3. When I first started reading this I was like "This is just like D.O.N.Gs" and then I saw the tiny purple text.
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  4. Make sure to submit a C.O.W. if you want, link is in the OP. :)
  5. I am discontinuing C.O.W.S due to lack of traffic. If you wanted to submit a website, sorry.
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