I would like to know if theres anyother rednecks that play on this server besides me

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  1. If your a redneck post a pic of u doing something redneck related or something like that.

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  2. What the fudge is a redneck?
  3. deer.jpg

    Now... I don't consider myself a redneck... But I know I come from the sticks! :)
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  4. Howdy! - Welcome tuh dar best multiplayar server 'ver!

    'hat server do y'all play 'n

    I''m not a redneck and I can't do redneck - Sounds more pirate to me..
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  5. I hunt, but I don't keep trophies...
    Does hunting make me a redneck?
  6. I'm from Deep East Texas, so that pretty much guarantees me redneck status for life :D
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  7. thats some nice deer did u shoot'em
  8. yea i guess it depends though do u do alot of hunting?
  9. smp8
  10. No they're my dads.. I just made sure they showed Christmas spirit last year.
  11. I was going to say the say thing lol... Google is my answer to everything I don't know.
  12. nice this is my first deer

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  13. Coolio :) I've gone hunting a few times but either never saw anything or I couldn't get myself to shout Bambi's mommy. lol
  14. It's nigh on impossible to get a deer over here in the UK - Unless you want to either.. Wait 30 years for a hunting gun license... Or attempt to throw stones at it and hope for the best..
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  15. hey come to smp8 and see my res its a redneck paradise :):D
  16. I would get a sling shot and shot one with rocks.
  17. You just quoted your own post..
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