I would like to establish my outpost please.

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Xondrius, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. I was told to post here to establish my out post. Also i was wondering if there is a way to see other people's established bases foot print on the map so I can know where to be away from?
  2. Unfortunately, there is no way to view other established outposts. This is because most outposts are not public and don't want unexpected visitors/griefers.
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  3. Using our live map, you can look around the worlds. If I'm not mistaken, black areas haven't been explored yet. If you zoom in on the world you can see where activity has taken place. Like the Penquin said there's no listing of where out post are.
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  4. I did start my base in an undescovered part of the map but 3000 blocks is a long way to look around all the sides of your base lol tho I think I am going to build some resources and move some place else. But when I get there I got big plans for my area.
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  5. Good luck! See ya around!
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  6. Is there someone I can get in touch with some cords and they can tell me if it's an acceptable place for me to build?

    Ello again highlancer, nice to see you man.