I would Like to Claim This Island as My own!

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  1. Hello, I found a pretty sweet island that I would like to claim as my own.
    Also I was wandering if It is legal to build a minecart system for transporting goods to a small warehouse just outside of the safezone? Would my minecart system be safe from theft/griefing? The warehouse would be on the nether side of a nether portal, which I found in the safezone. I would like to make the nether side of the portal into a nice place for people to visit.

    If you require more details here they are.

    The protected Nether portal leads to a highway, I will not impede the highway in anyway, but would like to possibly have a small protected area there if possible? if not I would secondly request the ability to have locked chests and hoppers in that spot.

    smp2, /wild then south outpost then run a little further and there is a nether portal.

    I just placed a locked chest at my island for further inspection aswell.

    please reply with any concerns/comments that apply.

    Below I attached two pictures, one with a description of what I plan on doing
    and 2 is a picture of the island I intend to take over.

    Thanks for the help!


    edited to remove a pic per OP.
    dat crystaldragon13 =]
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  2. Bump? is this allowed or effective? I'm not sure! someone let me know. :)
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  4. You may want to be careful with revealing the location of your outpost, especially if it hasn't been established yet. I just reported your post to inform staff about that (no worries: you're not in trouble but it's for your own welfare).

    Never reveal a Frontier location unless you intended it to be public.

    The Frontier is meant to be build in, it doesn't matter if you establish an outpost or not, your builds will always be your builds and no one is allowed to grief/remove/etc. them.

    Wayne already gave you the link to the wiki page: establishing it does not protect it or something. The anti-rief system does that for you.

    Yes, if you make sure to use the protection system (see link above). Rails are always protected when you place them, so are redstone torches. Even so: /buildmode is your friend here.
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  5. ShelLuser Thanks for the good information, I did not know the outpost thing was just establishing that it's a thing. I thought it would protect or something :p
  6. What does Establishing an outpost do for you? It grants you rights to 3K in all directions- no one may establish an outpost within 3k of your build. If someone does build on you land, you'll have rights to have staff remove it.
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  7. It's common to build a rail from spawn to a settlement. Nothing wrong with making it look good and accessible to the public.

    There are a lot of hidden portals near the spawns. I'd recommend to keep the coordinates aligned when building your portal, otherwise a newer portal might disrupt your link. This happened to me a few times though I can't blame the "other guy" since my portals were hidden.
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  8. Have requested details from user, processing.
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  9. What would be the purpose of the warehouse just outside of the safezone?
    Why there and not in the town?

    The protection comes from the newly implemented automatic "anti-grief" system. Problems arise where several or many people use the same area - where you might unknowingly block or change other peoples (secret) paths with your protected blocks or portals.

    It is good to use a mini map like Voxelmap and to inspect the area to see what is there and how your build will fit in.
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  10. the purpose of the outpost would be for storage. the storage would be connected to my mob grinder via minecart which would deliver masses of resources to just outside of the safezone for me to pick up and later use. wihout having to run 2k blocks back and forth for 1 inventory of loot.
  11. It sounds like you are inside the 5k Outpost zone and therefore an official outpost cannot be approved. Please read the instructions at the top of this forum for more info and respond to my query in your inbox if you have any further questions.
  12. Too many nearby as you are just on the 5k border. Also, the original post did not match the template as required in the instructions above. Please create a new thread after you have read the instructions and as we discussed, had a chance to talk to your very close neighbours.