i wish there was a fifth server

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  1. I think there should be a 5th server because there is now crowded severs and it can get pretty hard to sign in due to player limit. Empire minecraft is growing and should get a smp5 to draw players to that to reduce the overcrowded servers there are.
  2. cant wait for smp5!
  3. Lol it kinda seems like right when you said that a new server just all of a suddent appeared and said coming soon :p
    Edit: ok its not coming soon anymore smp5 server is up
  4. i know, empire minecraft is growing soooo fast. we have 11,345 members (as of jaunary 30th, 2012, 8:50 P.M American Eastern Time)
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  5. Its amazing. I love watching us grow. Can't wait for SMP5
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  6. There are 6 servers now :)
  7. smp6 isn't far behind? ;o?
  8. Utopia
  9. yeah, we have 5 smp servers and one extra (utopia), thats 6!
  10. Utopia isn't smp6 I am talking about another smp being added to EMC ;P
  11. no, utopia IS the sixth server

    :EDIT: wasnt it the third? it came out before smp3 and it was after smp2......
  12. Ughh... you don't understand anything I have been saying! you know how there is smp1 - smp5? there will be a smp6 coming soon I hope.