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  1. I will work for anybody

    * i expect high pay if i have to provide items
    *you can pay me lower if u provide items
    *i can do any job
    * harder or bigger jobs require more pay
    * easier or smaller jobs require less pay
    * if its a simple favor i will do it for free
    and sorry if i cant get to u for a while i might have a lot of jobs i will only except 3 kobs a time i will tell u when i am open.

    thanks for your time! ::)
  2. There are tons of jobs I offer at 3512 on smp2 if you want to check that out :)
  3. I am in need of a mineral suppler, for my new shop. I buy minerals off you for the price I sell them at, plus a 60r bonus for delivering them to me, plus 150r if you went to the wild for them.
  4. Hmmm.... I am in need of a courier to get certain items for me from town, which I will trade for with items I have harvested in my wild outpost (like diamonds).

    Normally, I would do it by myself, but I'm over a 20 min boat ride from spawn o.o
  5. okay i will try to get to all of you but right now im digging out someones res and it might be a while before i can help again
  6. can you build etho design b;aze grinders?
  7. can u collect me minerals?