I will make you a simple video game

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  1. Hello empire people! I know almost everything there is to know about Python Programming besides GUI, but I am still good. I will take requests from you guys for 50 rupees I will make you a simple text based adventure game. Or whatever kind of game you want. You chose the characters, attacks, anything!
    So yeah :D
  2. Hmm can I have more information on this? :3
  3. Skyrim in python

    I think an adventure game where you delve into an infinite dungeon would be cool. Think rouge likes although maybe as a text adventure.
  4. Like to see how long you can get before you die?
  5. Yes. Even better would be if everything was generated on the fly. For example, the creature description is generated kind of like madlibs where the game fills in blanks with a bunch of pre made adjectives and things. Combat could be fairly simple with same madlibs style for descriptions.
  6. ...
  7. I basicly make you a simple game...
    or I could just make a mad lib game. Like it's just Madlibs and you can pick a genre.
  8. Hmm I suppose I will order a video game :D
  9. I've actually been making a text-based adventure game based on the Legend of Korra using Java, but I'd like to see what you've got.

    Surprise me.
  10. Mkay
  11. I made something really stupid just now. I doubt any of you would play it...
    import time
    import sys
    orphancount = 0
    applejuices = 0
    def choices():
    print("Choice 1: FEED THE PONY AN ORPHAN")
    print("Choice 2: FEED THE PONY APPLE JUICE")
    print("Choice 3: Hide in a corner and eat catnip for 9 days straight.")
    print("Choice 4: Exit...")
    print("Well hello there welcome to the friendly pony game where you get to feed orphans to a pony who is trippen on acid.\n")
    print("Now your orphan needs a name.")
    orphanname = input("Name:")
    print("Leaping Lizards, thats an ugly name!\n")
    print("Welp now for the choices.\n")
    def main(orphanname, orphancount, applejuices):
    choice1 = input("Choice:")
    if choice1 == "1":
    orphancount += 1
    print("Well", orphanname, "is being fed to THE MLG HXOR PONYA BRAH.")
    print("The pony has now eaten a brand new shiny orphan!")
    elif choice1 == "2":
    print("GLUG GLUG GLUG")
    print("*Just keep drinking charlie it will all be over soooon....")
    applejuices += 1
    print("You have fed the pony applejuice.")
    elif choice1 == "3":
    print("Oh catnip, you complete me.")
    print("*Yup hes dead*")
    elif choice1 == "4":
    print("I never liked you anyways.")
    if orphancount and applejuices >= 10:
    print("Jeez man you fed it so much that it exploded and killed your wife.")
    if orphancount > 3:
    print("Thats a lot of food johny!")
    if applejuices > 3:
    print("What a good drinker! NOW FEED HIM SOMORE!")

    gameloop = None
    while gameloop != "4":
    main(orphanname, orphancount, applejuices)
  12. It doesnt intent when I post it and I don't know how to put it in the special code thingy...
  13. Wow, 50 rupees? :eek: That's incredibly cheap.
  14. :p
    For big games I'll charge more but 50 rupees is kinda a lot.
    Well not really, but I want to make games for people because it makes me practice what I know and learn more so I can be better.
    Like yesterday I learned that you can make your own module
  15. How many hours are you planning to spend on such a "simple video game" then?
  16. 3 hours maybe