I will be the first to post this..

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  1. What was the update for? Was it that secret one? Anyone have a clue on what it is?
  2. There was an update? O.O

    Then again, I haven't even been able to get 1.4.2 yet...
  3. nope. havent even updated yet. havent had internet for a week and just got home.
  4. He isnt talking about the version update. The server just had a mini-update for some reason. That is what he is referring to.
  5. Yes, I mean the mini update EMC just had.
  6. yah, i was on with mrlegit when it happened, was in the nether literally swimming in lava... very sketchy....
  7. 1.4 preparation?
  8. I just signed onto my minecraft client and it asked me to update. Not sure what its for though. I clicked "not now" just in case.
  9. the 1.4.2 update?
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  10. Yes, just checked the 1.4.2 update is live.
  11. this is what it said: [server] restart in 1 minute. minor update - NOT 1.4 UPDATE -
  12. wait, os we can update?
  13. Nope. EMC hasn't updated and bukkit won't be done tomorrow either.
  14. NO.

    PEOPLE, this is not about 1.4.2. This is about a EMC update.
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  15. Nah, I ment what shorts said, not the your post.
  16. I know SMP6's wild was reset, I visited real quick and saw that much.
  17. I've updated but I can easily go back to 1.3.2 so its no big deal for me.
  18. We're not talking about that…we're talking about the EMC update.