I will be half gone

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have just been having a stressful time lately with school and just everything. I want to find a way to get some peace but quoting minecraft is not the answer, it is NEVER the answer. For about 330 days I will have chat off for almost all of the time. This is so i can focus on raising money for the empire good samaritan award for next year. I plan to spend no money on anything and eliminate all distractions. I will have chat off in game so you can contact me via forums. I feel like die to stress I have not been my olaf self lately. Once I am done with this period of time I will throw a HUGE party on the empire. I will not be gone forever and if you need me PM me.

    Stay classy my friends,

    P.S. I am getting diamond supporter again tomorrow btw.

    The link with a countdown is here: http://itsalmo.st/#empiregoodsamaritan20
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  2. I wouldn't last a day...
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  3. image.jpg
    Stay classy.
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  4. Don't worry he come back rich, classly and decked out in enchanted diamond gear.
  5. I already am classy ;). I hope to have 2-4 million r by the end of this. I plan to spend 2 million on a new good samaritan award award for next year and then a huge chain of parties and events
  6. Good luck dude!
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  7. I plan to do a dark knight kind of thing. Everyone will think I am dead but I am secretly doing ninja training in a monastery.
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  8. a while ago I got into a fight and tried to leave. I lasted 12 hours. I will still be doing EMC but I just won't have my chat on. To reach my goal I have to make about 10-15k daily
  9. I will edit it
  10. I edited the countdown so anyone can see it now
  11. 330 days? I doubt you'll last a week :p

    J/K, good luck :)

    P.S. Countdown still won't work
  12. I will look into it. Also, i am going to allow myself to chat only one hour a day. So far i feel happier and calmer without chat.
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  14. You will go with no chat for that long. Man I could not stand an hour like that.
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  15. I made a miscalculation. Since I don't want to be too far before or too close after alex's community appreciation award (that is the semi official empire community appreciation award and mine is not) so i will either come back early or come back past then. If i come back early i will throw a huge party before the TGSA2
  16. So far i am handling it well. I am happy and peaceful and remember, i will come out of this as a new man. I will be like my award, Olaf 2.0
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    You'll come back.
    They always do. ;3
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  18. I am not even gone. I am just ./c off for a year