I was banned unfairly

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by hightower820, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. I was banned because it said I "scammed" someone, I would assume your referring to me trying to get someone banned for something that IS wrong.
    I would say that abusing a trade sign to steal someone's money is stealing, I was simply trying to help someone get there money back.
    In the end everything was back to normal he got the money back and all was forgiven...
    but I was banned...
    I never reported this person because I didn't know if it WAS bannable... But several other people thought it was breaking the rules...
    Please take this post into consideration and think about unbanning me... if it was something else I did (not quite sure what it could be) then please reply to this thread and tell me why
    I honestly can't see what I did wrong... :(
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  2. This isn't the way to appeal. You need to start a conversation with the mod who banned you. if you don't know who that is, one of the mods can help you.
  3. you just ruined your chances of getting un banned.. also PM a mod...
  4. Not the proper way to do a ban appeal, contact the mod that banned you, if you do not know the name of the mod then contact any of then via PM. Laggy college internet FTW
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  5. sorry people... i'm new and didn't know...
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  6. I have had this happen to me to hightower and I think you have got the pint now on how to appeal unfortunately the only way to kill this post now is for admin to do it I would send them a msg you could try icecreamcow just send a pm to them asking for this post to be removed and that you where unsure at the time how to appeal.

    Then send a pm (private message) to the moderator that banned you explain clearly what happened and ask them to unban you and be nice about it. No point going off all guns blazing, if the mod agree's they will unban you.
  7. This is not the correct way to appeal. PM the moderator who banned you (Maxarias) on the forums you for to appeal.
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