i was banned, totally shouldn't be, I'm pleading to anyone who can help.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by TheMustardMatrix, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. Hi, i was on smp4 when a HUGE lag spike hit and i couldn't move or see and i couldn't close out mine craft. U have intel i core 7 Nvidia 8200 graphics card, 8gb of ram and 1 terabyte of memory. Idk what but i have a 200dollar modem so idk what happened. Anyways when it hit i typed i can't see or hear and it posted it 3 times ( i was worked about spamming and caps). So i quit after going to task manager and shutting down the minecraft.exe process. I started it again still more lag and i start typing, i don't know how many times it did it but i got temp banned for 4 days by r0bbiejo( R(zero)bbiejo. Its perfectly fine if i knew what was happening, but i didn't see anything on my screen kept a frozen image of my res i was at. So please i didn't kno i was spamming and using caps, please un bank me :D

    Sorry if there are typos, I'm typing fast.
  2. 1) It's 4 days. Let it go.
    2) To appeal, PM whoever banned you. Posting threads is not allowed.
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  3. Pm Robbie. This will never get you unbanned only will ruin your chances.

    Just wait it out it's only 4 days

    Closed in 3....2....1
  4. ok, jeez, I'm new calm down :p
  5. I can tell you you've made your situation A LOT worse. But PM Robbie.
  6. You should have consulted threads guide and then you would of had a better time.
  7. Well i didn't... Soooo....
  8. Can't stand to not be on a server for 4 days? You wont even lose your property.
  9. You guys are so rough on new members god... were not in the Marines no need to be like that.
  10. Although appeal's aren't needed for a Temp Ban. You would need to pm R0bbiejo. I have included a link here for you to start a Pm with her. Have a wonderful day ^_^
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  11. People are behaving like that when ever someone does something bad hihi :D

    Try to PM R0bbiejo and explain her what happend, and 4days isnt that much and it's around new year so you can use theese 4days with friends/family :D
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  12. We're sorry you didn't read the empire minecraft guide, with all the knowledge you need. Heck, I think if you're so upset about this you need to take a break anyway. Besides, the marines are significantly tougher than this.
  13. Not need smile3 if your not going to be helpful dont post. Anyways ty for the 2 other helpful and not rude people that replied and i did pm her, to everyone else i do not aprrectiate you commenting.
  14. The sheer amount of typos here...
  15. have 1k rupees for being nice and awesome.
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  16. We are giving you valuable info take it or Leave it!
  17. Oh my! Many thanks my friend ^_^
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  18. what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger
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  19. enjoy :D
  20. muscular disease.
    /end rant/
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