I wants your OPINIONS on my build

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  1. I'm thinking of adding it to my outpost Madwood Point. Let me know what you think I should add or get rid of. By the way it's a doctors office.

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    The outside of the Doctors office.

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    Check in area.

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    The patient waiting room.
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    Four door to the four exam rooms.
  2. Thank you SO much for not just making this a box with a roof. The variety of blocks really breaks up the build, and although acacia and cobble don't entirely go together, it's sure a whole lot better than just using acacia.

    As I said above, cobble and acacia don't really go together, and the acacia looks out of place in a taiga/plains. I would recommend changing to a darker wood, maybe spruce or dark oak, and on the outside, have the corners be logs that are slightly different in color to whatever wood you choose. Also, try adding a bit of an overhang to the roof, and make the top of the roof be the same block as the slanted part.
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  3. I like the overall design of the place, such as the layout and the shape.

    I do not like the materials used. I feel that sandstone could provide the look of a doctor's office a little better (at least, that's what my doctor's office kind of looks like)
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  4. I like it, but not the cobble, maybe try different variants of stairs to see which one looks better
  5. I Like the style.

    But I have to agree on with Caronyx, up to a point on sandstone, But quartz looks more sterile than sandstone.

    I will be posting some pic also of my mall section of my rez. And would like opions also.

    Should I just add it here or make a new post?
  6. I like the base ideal ^_^ I personally think acacia and grey looks good together. Maybe try stone brick for a slightly more smooth look? Also you could use orange clay to compliment the acacia planks. The check in desk looks a little bare though... Maybe you could add an armor stand with a skull head for one of those med exam skeletons?
  7. Chestplates on the armor stands and add some depth to the walls and it would look great!
    Overall a lot better than most houses you see.
  8. Nice roof, but 4 types of wood don't really go together.