I want YOUR ideas!

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  1. I want to make content that you, the viewer would like to watch and be entertained by. I have a few ideas of my own, but I want to know what you would like to see me (or the stream team) stream or produce on the EMC Channel. Since you are the viewer, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the people that are going to watch the content. Please only suggest ideas that won't be INSANELY boring to watch. Thanks :)

    tl;dr - I want to know what you would like to see me stream or produce on the emc channel.
  2. You could play with your friend(s) and livestream/record events.
  3. Maybe do an interview with each member of senior staff and or the mods? If possible make it a video where you both are able to talk. You could also have them showcase their favorite build/attraction/event on EMC. So you know a vlog of those people behind the curtain who help keep things running smooth. Then you could do some on the award winners of various things mentioned in the newsletters.
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  4. You could possibly do some residence tours. Maybe find some outstanding residences and do a showcase series of them on the stream channel.
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  5. You could do what me and a few others did recently. Gather a group (or solo, either works) and bring absolutely nothing. Nothing in your inventory, no levels, nothing in your stables, enderchest etc. Your goal is to get 100k blocks but there are a few rules:

    1. No using items that were not obtained on the journey
    2. No using the nether for traveling. You can, however, use it to get materials
    3. You'll need to kill one of each miniboss before reaching the endpoint (Marlix, Wither, Elder Guardian, Momentus)

    You can keep track of deaths if you like to factor in some competition between the group. It truly is a lot of fun and I'd imagine it to be a good video too :)
  6. HxCami10 is already doing these :)
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  7. Fightig Momentus and wither at same time, or something like that, that is unusual
  8. More tutorial?
  9. I forgot to mention, tutorials are in the process of being recreated (for the channel)
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  10. Do more stuff at your outpost so I can sneak up on you and scare you :p
  11. I ment on youtube :p like how to do thid and that :)
  12. I think recording and uploading your view of events would be great, mobarenas and so on. Create a few series to keep the channel posting
  13. Whatever you choose to do, you need to be consistent. Don't make one format and then bail for another 3 months. Consistent uploads is key, so that your audience knows what to expect when.
  14. First off, I didn't read anyone's comments on this post. Second I'd like to see from the (stream team) is survival contests.
    I randomly came upon a youtube channel that these two friends had made. In which they were given a task to do in survival mode on minecraft. Within a certain time frame they were to collect items and make an enchantment table from a starting with nothing standpoint.

    So something like this were your viewers suggest something that you need to collect in a short amount of time.

    Not only could you showcase the wastelands of EMC but you would have fun being a survivalist again. Each time you set out to complete a task you are starting from scratch. From tasks as small as making a trade with a villager in the waste to collecting a wild horse over 100 speed.
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  15. EMC compatible redstone tutorials? Like farms and such :p Just a thought