I want your heads!

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  1. Heyo people of EMC! I want your heads! (I wasn't sure if I should put this post in Products and Business or Discussion...)

    I currently have no heads, but I want ALL of the heads!

    I will purchase each head for 1k or if you want, (I prefer it) you can donate them to me.

    I will only buy two of the same head. I don't want an over abundance of 1 persons head.

    Post below if you're willing to part with your head. We could arrange a meetup for me to take your head.

    Short post I know, but I want your head.

    (head count: 10)
  2. *cough* OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! *cough*
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  3. I will sell you a head once I've died a few hundered times in the SMP3 head machine.
  4. 1k each eh? tempting to get my whole head collection out...
  5. I have other peoples heads... want to buy those also for 1k each :)?
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  6. Depends on how many heads.
  7. I wish you luck on your collection. Be warned...there are LOTS of heads out there.....
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  8. Like 20-30 heads