I visited an old home of mine today.

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  1. I was unbanned in-game last night, and today I got bored after...well...'grieving' isn't the right word. More like regretting. I decided to play and Jakres had asked me a question about my old SMP5 outpost last night and I decided to go to it and see what sort of state it's in. After getting the co-ords off him, I went to the west outpost and traveled, for about half an hour, to a place I called 'Mooshville' back in the day. Atleast, I think I did.

    I got there, expecting it to be destroyed or i'd traveled to the wrong island and would just rage-quit on the spot. But no. After i'd some difficulty finding the docks Jakres had built almost two years ago now, I decided to just hike up a hill. I got to the top and saw...

    Burned buildings? Griefed farms? Burned giant mushrooms?


    I saw two buildings. Bonzd's house with his bridge that connected pretty much everything to Jakres' spa, or hotel, thing, which is the other building I saw. Everything was intact.

    I checked the insides out, expecting them to be griefed. But again, no. Intact. I checked through chests. Nope, not a single item had been stolen. Basically, this outpost has survived for nearly two years and as far as I can tell has never been visited by anyone but us three - and also nfell, who built a house but never finished and got banned :p

    This really made my day and cheered me up from the pretty rubbish time i've been having today. I think that the outpost, while it is small and insignificant compared to others, is beautiful. The fact that something that, if griefed, wouldn't stand a chance has stood for almost two years (or one, I don't remember) without being visited by absolutely anyone amazes me.

    Excuse me if i'm being overly deep, boring, and writing meaningless paragraphs but I just needed to get some stuff out of my system because the past few days have been rubbish to me, and this really made me happy :p

    For Nick5013:

  2. I remember a few years ago playing with someone on a mooshroom island... I was wondering if you were the person I played with on that island.. We had houses and etc on the island, and I had an unfinished house cut into the side of the mountain.. :)
  3. Wow. It looks great. I would never grief it.

    What server and what are the coords, heh heh.
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  4. Dream on, Sky, dream on.

    I haven't been able to find that if it exists. I do remember other people being here, but i'm not sure if they stuck around long enough to build houses and stuff :p
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  5. Why do you think nobody has visited?
  6. Because getting there takes awhile, especially when you have to stop every 2 minutes and remove parts of blockades :p
  7. :) i'm glad to see your happiness!
  8. Wonderful.
    Just wonderful.
  9. Welcome back bud! I anticipate seeing you on smp3 soon :p
  10. It's always nice to return to an old home and find everything still intact. :) I did the same on SMP7 with a chain of outposts Bobcat & I built, ages back. Not a single block out of place.
    Kinda makes you feel good about EMC and its players.
  11. i love it =D wish i could build something like that all my base has is well junk
  12. Lol, none of this was me :p It was mostly Jakres, Bonzd, and possible a few others who built a few houses around the place that I can't find. I attempted to build a house but didn't like it and ripped it down :p